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    ~2005~ Releases~

    The Road To Freedom: Harriet Tubman by: Catherine Clinton / p.b.
    Cover Girls by: T.D. Jakes / p.b.
    A Man Inspired by: Derek Jackson
    America Behind The Color Line by: Henry Louis Gates Jr / p.b.
    Love by: Toni Morrison / p.b.
    The End of Blackness by: Debra J. Dickerson / p.b.
    Don't Play In The Sun by: Marita Golden / p.b.
    Migrations of the Heart by: Marita Golden
    The Executioner's Game by: Gary Hardwick
    Dizzy: The life and times of John Birks Gillespie by: Donald L. Maggin
    Give Me An O By: Kayla Perrin / p.b.
    The Jump Off: 60 days to a hip-hop body by: Mark Jenkins
    Escaping The Delta: Robert Johnson and the invention of the blues by: Elijah
    In My Bedroom by: Donna Hill / p.b.
    Trouble Don't Always Last by: Francis Ray
    The Awakening by: L.A. Banks / P.B.
    Dangerous Women by; Otto Penzler
    Daughter by: Asha Bandele / p.b.
    Upstate by: Kalisha Buckhanon
    I Feel Good: A memoir of a life of soul by: James Brown
    a family Affair by: Marcus Major/ p.b.
    The Strong Silent Type by: C.Kelly Robinson
    G- Spot by: Noire
    The Preacher's Son by: Carl Weber
    Illegal Affairs by: Sheila Dansby Harvey
    As Real As It Gets by: Monica McKayhan
    Breed Apart: A Journey to Redemption by: Victor Woods
    Shades and Shadows by; Sophia Shaw
    Heart of Devotion by: Tia McCollors
    My Jim by: Nancy Rawles
    The Bitten by: L.A. Banks
    Heart of Devotion by: Tia McCollors

    The Secret Epidemic by: Jacob Levenson / p.b.
    The Best Kept Secret by: Kimberla Lawson Roby
    Pound for Pound: The Biography of Sugar Ray Robinson by: Herb Boyd & Ray
    Robinson Jr
    To The Mountain Top by: Stewart Burns /p.b.
    In The Paint by: Philana Marie Boles
    Dear Senator: A Memoir by the daughter of Strom Thurman
    The Accidental Hunter by: Nelson George
    Dark Matter Reading the Bones by: Sheree R. Thomas / p.b.
    Man In My Basement by: Walter Mosley / p.b.
    Too Much of a Good Thing by: Kimberla Lawson Roby / p.b.
    If It Ain't One Thing by: Cheryl Robinson
    Word by: Mykel Mitchell
    The Best of American Erotica by: Susie Bright
    All Night Man by: Brenda Jackson
    Courageous Hearts by: Donna Hill
    Going Broke by: Trista Russell
    Little Black Girl Lost by: Keith Lee Johnson
    Phantom Night by: John Farris
    The Professor's Daughter by: Emily Raboteau
    The Bitten by: L.A.Banks
    Wings of Grace by: Vanessa Griggs
    Expired by: Evie Rhodes


    The Dew Breaker by: Edwidge Danticat / p.b.
    A Distant Shore by: Caryl Phillips
    Playing my Mother's Blues by: Valerie Wilson Wesley
    Ida B. : A Sword Amoung Lions by: Paula J. Giddings
    When and Where I Enter: The Impact of Black Women on race and sex in America
    by: Paula J. Giddings
    Love, Lies and Lawsuits by: David E. Talbert
    Wife beater by: Mister Mann Frisby
    Connecting by: Adrienne Bellamy
    Just My Luck by: T.J. Butler
    Babylon Sisters by: Pearl Cleage
    Sleeper by: Gene Riehl
    Love by: Nina Corbett
    You Wrong For That by: Toschia Moffett
    Nice Wives Finish First by: Patricia Anne Phillips
    An Ever Lasting Love by: Bette Ford
    Havoc After Dark: Tales of Terror by: Robert Fleming
    Undeniable by: Ingrid Monique

    Bound for Canaan: The Underground Railroad by: Fergus M. Bordewich
    I Got Somebody in Staunton by: William Henry Lewis
    Leaving Cecil Street by: Diane McKinney Whetstone / p.b.
    Eleven Minutes by: Paulo Coelho
    One Man's Castle by: Phyllis Vine
    When Washington was In Vogue: A Lost Novel of the Harlem Renaissance by:
    Edward Christopher Williams
    Can't Get Enough by: Connie Briscoe
    Glamourous Life by: Nikki Turner
    Dirty Red by; Vickie Stringer
    Genevieve by: Eric Jerome Dickey
    On The Right Side of a Dream by: Sheila Williams
    People Next Door by: Bettye Griffin
    Too Much Drama by: Debra Phillips
    Playing with Destiny by: Phil Duck
    When Love Calls You Better Answer by: Bertice Berry
    Untelling by: Tayari Jones
    Cocaine Chronicles by: Jervey Tervalon
    Plenty Good Room by: Cheri Paris Edwards
    Heaven Sent by:Montre Bible
    You Made me Love You by: Shirley Hailstock
    Small Island by: Andrea Levy

    Cold Running Creek by: Zelda Lockhart
    Getting Hers by: Donna Hill
    In The Midst of it All by: Shonda Cheeks
    Love on the Dotted Line by: David Talbert
    Other Men's Wives by: Freddie Lee Johnson
    Pushing up Daisies by: Jamise Dames
    Who Does she think she Is? by: Benilde Little
    Fate's Redemption by: Keith Lee Johnson
    47 by: Walter Mosley
    Magic Keys by: Albert Murray
    What’s Real by: Daaimah S. Poole
    It’s All About the Moon When The Sun Ain’t Shing by: Ernest Hill

    Choose Me by: Xenia Ruiz
    Blues by: Danyel Smith
    Groove by: Geneva Holiday
    Brickhouse by: Rita Ewing
    Bliss by: Danyel Smith
    Grown Folks Business by: Victoria Christopher Murray
    Picture Me Rollin by: Black Artemis
    Criminal Minded by: Tracy Brown
    The Forbidden by: L.A. Banks

    72 Hour Hold by: Bebe Moore Campbell
    Uptown Dreams by: Karen Miller
    It Is What It Is by: Zane
    Marrying Up by: Nina Fox
    When Hell Freezes Over by: Darrien Lee
    If I Ruled The World by: Joy
    The Criss Cross by: Crystal Lacey Winslow
    Boss Lady by: Omar Tyree
    Don’t Ever Wonder by; Darren Coleman
    "Keepin' It Real" -- (romantic comedy) writing as Leslie Esdaile

    Almost Doesn’t Count by: Electa Rome Parks
    Hoodlum by: K’Wan
    "Blind Trust" (sequel to the crime saga, Betrayal of the Trust)
    writing as Leslie Esdaile Banks


    Dark Dreams II" anthology, L.A. Banks, Eric Jerome Dickey,
    Tanarive Due, (and several TBD authors), edited by Brandon Massey
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