Black People : 2004 Black Bike Week Photos

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by Man on Fire, Jun 7, 2004.

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    Man on Fire...welcome to our humble community. I'm not sure what to say about the website that you posted here. It probably should be in another forum, but that's my opinion.

    In any event, the bikes look nice, but I'll be honest with you, I don't particularly care to see sisters exposing themselves and posing like that for the cameras. It's probably a safe guess that they're doing this of their own free will, but it wreaks of exploitation in my opinion and serves no purpose as far as what we try and do here at

    Don't get me wrong, I realize that this is how some Black people have fun or what they think fun is. We struggle with so much in our daily lives, it's important that we relax and release somehow. From the looks of these pictures, I admire the fact that we can find the time and financial resources to do the things that we enjoy doing. I just think it would be even nicer to know that these same youthful looking Black people can do the same when it comes to other and more important things in life. Are they the exceptions or are they the stereotypical rule?

    I see you haven't posted but twice here and since you didn't make any comments about the event, if you plan to stick around, maybe you can share your thoughts with us in terms of what is the sole purpose of the event, what typically happens there and how it uplifts us as a Black community?

    I'm looking forward to your response.

    Queenie :spinstar: