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Aug 9, 2003
Thank you Brother Chuck ... :love:

Thank you for lending your wisdom, knowledge, and experience to us ... :bowdown:

I am honored to have you here!

Much Much Love and Peace.


Your comments are very appreciated and quite welcomed...


Apr 22, 2003
Peace and Blessings Family!

Thank you Brother HODEE for being ahead of me again for our birthday celebration!! ... :love:

You are so wonderful, prompting me to get this thread up so we can begin talking about this more officially!

It is not much different for me now, than it has been all of our 20 years. I want to do lots, everything a mind can imagine, but must be happy with us still being here. It has taken much effort to keep us here, I am happy for that. If I were to begin thinking about all that we don't have, and could have, I will start crying.

So rather than that, I immerse myself in what is, and try with my might to stay thankful for it. It's been a long, hard, and sacrificing 20 years, oftentimes wondering if it is the right thing for me to be doing, as I continued forward. It is very easy to shift between what is and what is not, saddened quickly, as seen in these few words already written.

Before I get too caught up, I have to stop myself.

I have to be happy with what is.

I will continue doing my best for us, providing a place where Black people can come together respectfully. I am honored by all of the wonderful Sisters and Brothers that have lent themselves to the effort, giving what they could and would.

20 years ago, I never knew we would make it a day, let alone 20 years.

Now, 20 years later, I still do not know about tomorrow.

I Love You HODEE and Family ... :love:

I have ideas about our 20th year celebration and will be trying to pull them off.

Everything costs money, time, expertise, energy, etc., usually more than I have to give.

We have managed to live, and I hope we will be able to continue doing that, if nothing else.

Love You! :kiss:




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Jul 2, 2003
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Hi Brother HODEE ... :love:

I saw your post in the shoutbox and have included it below :

  1. Wednesday at 6:54 PM - HODEE:
    We can have photo's.. maybe unless we drunk
  2. Wednesday at 6:53 PM - HODEE:
    :thinking: Thank You Destee for replying to my impatience on what's up for the 20th... I'll donate your ticket.. VEGAS BABY!!! It's $309.00 and you is fine with me... so pack up and get yourself a room... It's $34 at the cheapest place Circus Circus...Er-body else is :welcome: welcome to show and play.

You are so sweet and wonderful ... :love: ... :cry: ... :love:

So very kind and generous of you! ... :flowers:

You always have gone above and beyond the norm.

Such a great blessing to have you with me all of these years ... :love:

I wish $309.00 would solve this problem for me ... :weights:

If that would do it, I would have no problem at all ... :)

I need that plus 999 pounds of wisdom, knowledge, luck, and psychic ability! :)

I do appreciate your great love and support ... i really do Brother HODEE.

I can feel the tears welling up now and gotta blink fast to keep them at bay.

Thank you so much ... :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

Even though there are challenges, I accept them with my whole heart.

I absolutely love this community ... it is how I met you ... :love:

Please don't give up on me, I believe we've only just begun ...

I Love Us Brother HODEE! ... :grouphug:

Thank You!


I support whatever you do, and possibly have planned.
:thanks:Thank You for the Chaka video... that pulls my at my heart.

I need that plus 999 pounds of wisdom, knowledge, luck, and psychic ability!
You have great wisdom, and knowledge.
:welldone: Not everyone can do what you have done here with enduring longevity.
Luck comes and goes, and if I had some or some extra.
I would donate that for sure to you and everyone.

You do have faith, and twenty years without thinking about it has come to date.
Your site is listed online as long standing. Pro- African American and positive for esteem building.

My question is... What can I really do for YA!

I used to be on a site that came together every year, and had a reunion.
They were closer in proximity to each other here in the Bay area.
I never attended one, based on timing and my schedule.
But cheered for them and enjoyed looking at the photo's they took.

Now :spinstar: "20" years :spinstar: comes once... so what would you like us if possible to do for you?

:time: OCTOBER is just around the corner.
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