Brother AACOOLDRE : 20 (23) Clases that changed the world

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    By James Lacey ***** 5 stars on Dre’s book recommendation. See notes below.

    1. Marathon 490BC

    2. Gaugamela 311BC

    3. Zama 202BC

    4. Teutoburger Wald 9AD

    5. Adrianople 378AD

    6. Yarmuk 636AD

    7. Hastings 1066

    8. The Spanish Armada 1588

    9. Breitenfeld 1631AD

    10. Annus Mirabilis 1759

    11. Saratoga 1777

    12. Trafalgar 1805AD

    13. Vicksburg 1863

    14. The Marne 1914

    15. The Battle of Britain 1940

    16. Midway 1942

    17. Kursk 1943

    18. Norway 1944

    19. Dien bien Phu 1954

    20. Objective Peach 2003

    I highly recommend this book. My only objection is that he didn’t include three other battles. For the past 2 thousands years and beyond religion and greed has fueled the majority of our wars with the scarcity of resources and Ethnic ideology. Needed to be included:

    21. Titus campaign against the Jews in Israel between 66-73AD. Without this conflict the Gospels wouldn’t have came into existence.

    22. The battle between the Hyksos and the ancient Egyptians. This led to the Egyptians dropping a saint God Set and turning him into Set-hen (Satan). This battle was also used in part to construct the Jewish exodus story.

    23. For Muslims the event of “The Elephant” is second in importance only to the birth of Muhammad in 570AD. Without this event Islam wouldn’t of risen. An ex- black slave by the name of Abraha Al-Ashram could have nipped Islam in the bud before Muhammad was born, or year he was born when he attacked mecca in 569/570AD. This was one year before Muhammad was born.

    Abraha rose to be king of Yemen and Ethiopia. He was beaten back when his Elephant kneeled at the gate of the city and refused to move. See Chapter 105 called ”The Elephant” in the Koran. We know that god can help you win a battle/war with Elephants (like black Hannibal’s use of Elephants gave rise to the Roman Empire). An Elephant back in BC times of Hannibal and Abraha time in AD should be compared to using a tank in WW I.