Black Events : 1st Saturday Poetic Beats Dar Es Salaam

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    1st Saturday Poetic Beats Dar Es Salaam
    Dedicated to the events of 911 and victims of War/Terrorist Attacks
    Saturday, October 4, 2003, 5:00PM

    Dar Es Salaam Bookstore
    4000 34th St
    (One Block From Rhode Island Ave)
    Mt. Rainier, MD
    $5.00 adults
    FREE under 21!!!!

    Sign Up Begins: 4:00pm
    Reading Starts: 5:00pm

    Featuring Bernadette K. Geyer, Poet/Writer/Author

    Special Guests: Deborah Russells, Rosalyn Walker, Malcolm X Drummers and much more!!!!

    Booksignings * Spread the Word * All Ages * Poetry Open Mic * Positive Vibes and Grooves * Networking * Much More

    Hosted by Ashawarrior and Dar Es Salaam
    Coordinated by Ashawarrior

    Sponsored by (partial listing)
    Dar Es Salaam Bookstore Parellels Studio
    Poets of Peace and Justice Enterprises

    For more information email to [email protected]
    Videographer: Charles Crawford of Bright Moments, 202-581-8049