Black Spirituality Religion : 1st Nation Mesoamerican and Yoruba Cosmology


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Jul 9, 2003
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Mesoamerican practices. While it is true that every earth-based philosophy around the globe shares fundamentally a common thread, the similiarities between the two specific traditions go far beyond a platonice relationship. The two cultures, a world apart could express the exact same ritual knowledge in the exact same seems revolutionary to our understanding of world history.

A basic introduction to some of the ritual parallels that might only serve to illustrate the presence of spirit beyond genetics or boundaries.

Most ancient indegenous cultures encoded their wisdom in their language and symbols. They preserved their knowledge for thousands of years, not by writing it down but by transmitting it orally. Today, many acadamics discount oral traditions as a faulty vehicle, and unsurprising viewpoint, as the core of oral traditions can olny be tapped into where deep community structures are intact, which they are not in the West. Here, we have both little communal foundation and a subconcious desire to make up for this by identifying ourselves with one position or situation for as long as we can, which goes against the laws of evolution. Without evolution were are not fluid, without fluidity we are frozen and cannot achieve balance, because balance is never in a static state. It is always in motion, achieved for only a few seconds beforee new inner and outer adjustments are made. For this reason, any oral tradition can be viewed as an internal art. It embodies the constant exchange between self and universe.

In Yoruba cosmology, tradition holds that the 401 irunmole were the first to come earth, in Nahuatl, it states that the 400 divinities fell to our planet, in their original form called the Mimixcoas lesser cloud serpents, meaning the creative force transmutated and descended in physical form). The story also says that the five females accompanied them to Earth. These five were responsible for single-handedly slaying nearly all of the cloud serpents over a twelve year period to offer as food for the Sun. before themselves ascending out of human form four years later (a total of 16 earthbound years from physical genesis to mystical rebirthed as reflected in the Odu Ifa)

Each of the names and numbers convey very important principles. According to ancient encoded language, the number 5 actually means one- five fingers make one hand. So the "five' femals that descended to Earth were actually all lesser aspects of the one Mother called Itzpapalotl (obsidian knife butterfly) in Nahuatl. This puts the forces present at the time of creation in Mesoamerica at 401, which is Identical to the number of Irunmole. The number 401 is a mystical number in reference to "infinite," "very many," or "uncoutable." This means that the number of divinities are to vast to count.

Iyaami in Mesoamerica

Itzpapalotl was the ancient primordial mother of mothers, known to the Yoruba as Iyaami, or Our Mothers. Itzpapalotl is the essence of the vulture. who not on feasts on but is nourished by disease and decay. Not many things can ingest disease without becoming ill itself. The vulture is a bird associated with Oshun, often regarded as a gateway to Iyaami. We find Oshun's counterpart in Mesoamerica as Xochiquetzal, or precious flower, who happens to be the Nahualli (twin or double-spirit) of Itzpapalotl. We also find clues to the qualities of Iyaami expressed in Itzpapalotl's very name. The obsidian knife, from with her name is derived, predates the age of iron and was used in all ebos. Obsidian originates in the center of the earth. It is born of pressure, goes through the ordeal of firea as it explodes from a volcano as lava, and then cools into its final black, reflective form. It is a tool used for divination and revered for its ability to cut through the densest of matter, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with a stroke that demands either total awakening or cool deliberaton. To be offered the choice between the two is an infinitately compassionate gesture. For this reason, the obsidian blade is known as the Knife of Truth, negating all ability to lie. The butterfly aspect of Itzpapalotl speaks of Xochiquetzal/Oshun's promise of rebirth into new form, once the reckoning, death and decay have taken their course.

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