Black People : 18 Yr Old Slain Brooklyn Male - Shot 13 Times - 911 Transcript

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    betwixt and between
    18 Yr Old Slain Brooklyn Male - 911 Transcript

    Transcript of 911 call: 'Take that ... I've got a gun' said teen armed only with hairbrush

    Denise Owens, the mother of slain Brooklyn 18 year old, Kheil Coppin.
    After calling 911, she says she told police at the scene that Coppin did not in fact have a gun.

    Tuesday, November 13th 2007, 6:33 PM

    "I gotta gun and I'm going to shoot you."

    These were among the words a troubled Brooklyn teen - slain minutes later by police - could be heard saying in the background during his mother's panicked call to 911. He was armed only with a hairbrush.

    His mother says she later told a police captain who arrived at their home in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, that her son, Khiel Coppin, was unarmed. No gun was recovered at the scene.

    The following is the transcript of his mother's conversation with an emergency services dispatcher.

    Date and time: 11/12/07, 7:05 p.m.

    Duration: 1 minute, 17 seconds.

    911 operator: "Police operator 1-2-3-9. Where is the emergency?"

    Female caller: "Hi. I need someone to come to 590 Gates Avenue, please."

    911 operator: "590 Gates Avenue in Brooklyn?"

    Female caller: "Yes."

    911 operator: "Between where?"

    Background male voice: "I got a gun and I'm gonna shoot you."

    Female caller: "Throop and Garvey. Marcus Garvey."

    911 operator: "Yeah."

    Together: "Between Marcus Garvey and Throop."

    911 operator: "What happened there?"

    Background male voice: "I've got a (expletive) gun!"

    Female caller: "This ... you know ... this kid is a problem. You can even hear him?"

    Background male voice: "Take that, (expletive). I've got a gun."

    911 operator: "Who is that?"

    Female caller: "That's supposed to be my son!"

    Background male voice: "I've got a (expletive) gun!"

    911 operator: "That's your son?"

    Female caller: "Got no respect. You know ... I can't deal with this tonight."

    Background male voice: "I gotta gun."

    911 operator: "He, he say he gotta gun?"

    Female caller: "Um, huh ... You, you heard him. I didn't say. You heard it outta his mouth."

    911 operator: "He um ... didn't injure you, right?"

    Female caller: "But he kept on tonight with this situation here. I'm not sleeping here with this behavior."

    Background male voice: "(Expletive) police!"

    911 operator: "Alright ... what apartment you in?"

    Female caller: "It's 1D, but you can ring the neighbor's apartment."

    911 operator: "On the first floor?"

    Female caller: "Yeah."

    911 operator: "Ring bell (neighbor's apartment.)"

    Female caller: "Um, huh."

    911 operator: "To get in?"

    Female caller: "Yeah."

    911 operator: "Ok. Give me the name and number there."

    Female caller: "It's (neighbor's name and number)."

    911 operator: "Alright. I'm gonna let them know ... 590 Gates ... Apartment 1D, on the first floor."

    Female caller: "Ring bell (neighbor's apartment) to get in."

    911 operator: "They'll be there as soon as possible."

    Female caller: "Thank you."

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    18-yr.-old carrying hairbrush shot 13 times by cops


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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    the mother has to take alot of blame here

    she doesn't enforce the fact to the police that here son is mentally ill

    not a criminal

    and since when does a so called criminal tell the cops he has a gun before

    he starts shooting?

    what bomb scare has EVER produced a bomb?

    these cops need be trained in the real street lingo

    the ebb and flow

    no i'm not telling officers to take chances

    i'm saying understand really where you are

    i don't blame the cops here though

    i blame the mother for creating these situation

    and it's a small world my aunt used to live @ 590 Gates until 2002 when she

    moved to S. Carolina
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    DSS - the boy was shot 13 times - to DEATH - while holding a hairbrush.

    The emotions/actions of the mother should have zero influence on how the cops responded to the situation.

    Those cops murdered the lad, with vooma.
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    I heard about this on the radio this morning on Tom Joyner's morning show. As a law enforcement officer myself, these officers make me ashamed. First of all the proper training calls for one officer to identify a weapon and then shout to the others "he has a gun". That officer should only fire once and then assess the situation. We are trained to shot to kill, one round center mass will drop almost any man. The other officers should not fire their weapons. They are suppose to cover the suspect. This is called judgement shooting. An officer has to make a split second decision on whether he is actually being confronted with a weapon. I'm second guessing the officers decision, but they were warned ahead of time, so they should have taken more precautions, this wasn't an ambush.

    These kind of situations always make all law enforcement people look bad, because of the number of rounds fired and the number of officers involved. The public will not accept any explanation for this calamity and they shouldn't. But I seriously doubt if anyone loses their job over this. These kinds of shootings occur several times a year in various communities, you are hearing about this one because the subject was black.
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    I know this is slightly off the subject (depends on the reader) but it's ironic that I stumbled onto this forum after replying to a thread on Deity invocation and posession. Reading that transcript is so profound in regards to the boys fate. It was like something "Dark" (obscured) was conjuring up his inevitable destruction; a distress call to have the right agencies come and eradicate the boys existence. The movie "The Grudge" was shaped around this same concept; how one can be shrouded in negative energy(inimical vibrations) like vultures on a dying carcass. From the outside observer it appears that the person is out of control, irresponsible, mentally ill,wayward delinquent, anti social ect, all the categories we use in connection with the western popular mode of thinking.

    If moms would have been somewhat aware (its not her fault though) in the midst of her own issues, she might have been able to see the proverbial ravens/crows sitting on the fence. Based on the sons behavior in the home, he lost his life a long time ago.