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I know GA-Sun is busy for a minute fa sho!!!

Thought I saw Sherykah playin' on the swings yesterday :lol:

Nappi spent the night a lil bit ago and didn't sleep ova again :lol:

And Reason had some bidness to handle but I coulda sworn I saw him taking a shower here in Mama D's bathroom a coupla nights ago!!! :lol:

Guess ya gotta send $R on his recon to find the resta these folks!!!


Sherykah had posted a piece this morning, but she deleted it as I was just about to start "dancin" with her... I do hope she reposts it cause it was TIGHT as HELL!

Oh, and I'm also laughing at GQ... he a trip fo' sho'!! :lol:

>>> Imma have to :uzi: him :eeek: :lol: <<<
He knowin' erry body bidness!

Oneluv ya'll!


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