Black Spirituality Religion : 16 cosmological tenets of the Odu Ifa

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    Eji ogbe:

    Seek wisdom beyond sacrifices, sit down with spiritual teachers.

    Oyeku meji:

    Kindness must not be done with evil intentions. Do not engage in any wickedness against others; do not retaliate against those who are against you.

    Iwori meji:

    Speak their truth, even against evil doers, but beware of their retribution. Do not wrestle for advancement; do not seek to attain through competition,

    Idi meji:

    Too much kindness is repaid with wickedness; do not be foolishly kind. Do not leave this earth with no one to reap your heritage. Do not be involved with gossip, even if it involves you

    Irosun meji:

    Be patient; do not be in a hurry to achieve; step by step is the best way. Respect and honor the ancestors; preserve the memories of their achievements and become a part of their conciousness.

    Oworin meji:

    Do not let scarcity affect your wisdom, do not let scarcity make you unwise. To improve your life, improve your character and behavior.

    Obara meji:

    Cease to complain about life and cease to be stunnorn for such brings misfortune and loss.

    Okanran meji:

    Do not go to places where you are not invited. Cease to be argumentative; cease to incite debate.

    Ogunda meji:

    Strive to complete all endeavors which you have begun. Learn to channel your aggressive tendencies positively..

    Osa meji:

    Guard against over-stressing yourself; guard against anxiety and frustration. Strive continually to achieve the impossible. Resist those who attemp to disrupot your well-being.

    Ika meji:

    Appreciate yourself more fully; appreciate your divine. Address the major problems in your life; cease to attend only the minor ones. People will attemp to harm you; do not let them do so.

    Oturupon meji:

    Learn to act more and react less; reacting based on the ways of others leads to misfortune. Guard against spitefulness, do not harbor ill feelings against others. Exercise firmness, especially when things are bad.

    Otura meji:

    Do not abandon the heavenlylaw which decrees the supremacy of elders. Study your speech so that the modifications of the mind may be reached.

    Irete meji:

    Remember one falsehhod destroys a thousand truths. Listen to advice; you are wise only if you listen to advice. Do not exhaust yourself attempting to satisfy the emptiness of others.

    Ose meji:

    Every act whether mental, physical, or emotional, has an enormous impact on our lives. Do not be so easily distracted; do not let your attention be so easilybtaken. Refrain from anything That involves the showing odd of strengths.

    Ofun meji:

    Take care of what you eat: do not eat in a hurry; sit down and relax while eating. Guard against those who make you anxious. Be not moved by anger, lust or greed

    Ase! ase O!, ase!
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    What is the meaning of (Osai Osun) in Ifa divination?.

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