OldSoul : 16,000 guns ‘lost’ from manufacturing plants in last 2.5 years


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You all know know my thoughts about how "Gun Buy Back" programs are always in Black communities, while "Help You Buy Guns" programs are promoted in white communities. Well, here is an example of how guns are supplied to white communities illegally. How do I know that these guns are going to white communities? Because almost never are guns without serial numbers confiscated from Black offenders.
16,000 guns ‘lost’ from manufacturing plants in last 2.5 years

A report released Thursday highlighted that more than 16,000 firearms have been reported "lost" from licensed gun manufacturing plants before sale since 2009, an average of 18 guns lost per day. Many of these guns don't have serial numbers affixed yet, making them nearly impossible to trace and thus desirable for criminals.

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence's report, "Missing Guns: Lost and Dangerous" (PDF), used data gathered by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and makes an argument for amendments to federal laws governing gun manufacturers.

Daniel Vice, the center's senior attorney and the author of the report, told Raw Story that the lack of security and hiring standards at the plants contributes to the gun losses.

"Federal law is so weak that there's no law that says they have to do anything to secure their plants," Vice said. "They can write off 'lost' guns as a business expense. They can leave their doors wide open at night if they want to."

Some gun manufacturers, such as Massachusetts-based Kahr Arms, hire drug addicts and others who are likely to have unsavory connections and federal law does not require background checks when entrusting employees with the unstamped guns. The Brady Center's Legal Action Project, representing the family of a man who was killed with one of Kahr's unstamped "lost" guns, won a $600,000 settlement against Kahr for the family in July, the largest damages payment ever against a gun manufacturer charged with negligence.

When a gun is "lost," Vice said, it is usually because it has been stolen or sold illegally to avoid a background check and record of ownership. A 2004 law referred to as the Tiahrt Amendment blocks manufacturers from having to take inventory and account for their guns annually, a victory for the pro-gun lobby. The amendment also adds a veil of secrecy, blocking the press and public from finding out how many guns were lost from each manufacturer, though the information is reported to the ATF.
The rest: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/09/02/16000-guns-lost-from-manufacturing-plants-in-last-2-5-years-report/
Full report: http://www.bradycenter.org/xshare/pdf/reports/Missing-Guns-Lost-and-Dangerous.pdf


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Caucasians always do what is in their collective best interest. They lie, cheat, steal from everyone that gives them half of a chance, and twist information to their advantage or better use. They do not do it on a petty or small scale, they do it on a grand scale so that they get all of the rewards of their effort. That is partially why they are beating our heads in on most levels of self interest and productivity. Their savagery and survival agressive instincts guide their every move. Also they are masters of group think and they also cull out the weak and traitors among them. After thinking about the previous statements that I have observed in them, I have began to ask myself 'Why don't we steal some of those traits from them and do as they have done to us? ' Just thinking out loud. Peace


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Nov 16, 2011
Many White people prepare daily for a race war. It's weird to me that 'conscious' Black folk aren't intimidated by them.

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