Black People : 14 Year Old Girl Dies From Heart Attack After ONLY two cans of Energy Drinks

Discussion in 'Black People Open Forum' started by legit-writer, Oct 23, 2012.

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    I heard puberty is starting to kick in at 9 and 10 for boys this generation . . ..

    We're just letting them destroy us.
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    ONLY two? Two cans is a lot for a 10 year old....I wouldn't even give my daughter soda...Hell can't even drink one can, let alone anything with caffeine in it.
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    I don't understand why any child would need to have an energy drink in the first place....:10500:

    I see teenagers drinking this stuff all the time and it just seems to be a fad. They even sell them at the gym i go to and adults be poppin' dem bad boys after they get up from each machine they use, it seems like... About an hour later, they can barely get up off a machine to let the next person use it because of the crash factor they don't tell them about after they come down off of their high.....

    In this instance it may not have been on the way 'up', but on the way down that this 14 year olds heart gave out from going from one extreme to the next so quickly due to the faster matabalism rate in the young teen...

    Bottom line is to teach our children to JUICE and leave all else alone.....
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    yeah it is true. Adolescence is occuring at younger and younger ages. We went over this in my psych of the adolescent course recently.
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    Texas...for now.
    When I skimmed the OP's post, I wondered if she might have had any conditions.
    Poor thing....


    I don't quite understand faulting Monster.
    The same could be said for coffee and how many adults guzzle that by the gallon every morning? *laugh* A caffeine drink isn't a 'death trap' for boys and girls everywhere.
    Stop the melodrama.

    'Anais' died --
    because she had a disorder of the blood vessels. The child died because she ingested too much of a STIMULANT that stressed her heart to the point of erratic heart beats and (cardiac) arrest...which wouldn't have happened if she didn't hadn't had an inborne abnormality to begin with.

    These people are grief-stricken. That's why they're lashing out.
    Unfortunately, it's no one's fault. This girl drank two cans of Monster containing 240 mg of caffeine on 'consecutive days'.
    That is not a lot.
    In the grand scheme of things? 240 mg of caffeine PER DAY is a high intake but not a lethal/dangerous dose, unless you've a prexisting 'condition' that permits you to decrease intake, i.e., cardiovasculr issues or pregnancy (it can increase chances of miscarrying).
    ...which says a lot about her condition, I think. She could've died drinking 2 Big Gulps of soda. She could've died playing sports. She could've died due to any event that excited her heart to the point of failure.
    Thank God (or some other deity) that she wasn't drinking Starbucks or some tea...or the fam would be trying to sue the pants off the makers of Lipton.

    Had there been a label on the container, how exactly would the situation be any different? The girl would probably still be drinkin' them...and as far as the mom?

    There are posters in this thread who reacted with surprise to find that the girl was drinking that amt of Monsters, I might add. If they - we - knew well enough to have such a kneejerk reaction? Why didn't her parents?
    It's a freakin' 'energy drink'.
    What the hell else does anyone think's going to be in it but lots of caffeine, flavoring and sugar? What part of the words 'En-er-gy Drink' wouldn't lead a rational person to believe that it might contain more than soda?

    Slap a warning label on Monster cans and what's that going to stop?
    Nothing. People (some of which who've no business) are still gonna drink it!
    - Every restaurant in creation has the nutritional data in plain sight on the menus, at this time. Some have calorie charts staring you in the eyeballs right by the counter where you place your order.
    Is it working? I can't tell. People are still fat as hell.

    - Obama thought it a good idea to put interest/loan info on CC bill statements to show users the impact of their debt w/ interest...and what's that really going to help? People were aware before. D'you think we became a 'nation of spenders' because some of us simply didn't know better?

    ...and people actually believe that Healthcare Access will have any affect on Patient Outcome?
    Are you new? *laugh*
    Lemme tell you something, and this is going to sound incredibly cynical, but...some people?
    Some people... are nothing but a bunch of big, stupid animals and they're going to do what they want. Regardless. You simply can't police that sort of thing. I'd argue that it's hardly the govt's place to try.

    I'm all about common sense legislation, but all of our resources wasted on what end? When's it going to stop?

    The problem with the public is a severe inability to take personal accountability for anything. Additionally, there's a desire on the parts of plenty to be led about by the nose. People are wayyyy too dependant on the govt.
    Let there be a fire in a theater. No doubt that everyone would stay seated and wait for a govt representative to tell them when it's safe to leave the building.

    Remember 'Xenadrine'?
    There were warning labels on the old diet pill Xenadrine, if any are familiar.
    'Do not take if you have X, Y, Z', the label said.
    Well, people who had 'X, Y, Z' were taking it... and dropping like flies from dysrhythmias (sp) and HF. This was the year 1999/2000.
    I took Xenadrine, too. Wasn't fat. I was in the military at the time. Everyone was taking it and who knows why? We were all in shape, but that's how it is with gym nuts. *laugh*
    ...but guess what?

    They're still living.
    I'm still here...because I can follow directions. I can read.
    I never took beyond the recommended dose. Actually, I never took anywhere approaching the recommended dose. 4 pills a day? I took 2. I listened to my body. It's all that I needed.

    I'll say that Xenadrine is probably the only diet pill on the market that (ever) actually worked. It absolutely killed hunger. It gave energy.
    ...and you lost weight because of this.
    ...because of the Ephedra. Ephedra - a natural supplement - made it too dangerous for OTC (over the counter) usage. You can't just throw anything out and expecrt everyone to do the right thing. You've always got to consider the idiots who'll just pop pill after pill like they don't have any d*mned sense. Then, they'll die and their families will turn around and try to sue for 'wrongful death'.
    ...which is precisely whart occurred. It's ridiculous.
    But, imo? Xenadrine shouldn't have been yanked and reformulated. They should've simply made it available 'by prescription'.
    Why? It worked. It WAS safe for use. It's just that people who had no business using...were.

    Anywho --


    A fair amt of these 'conditions of the heart' are noted when a child is an infant because they can be visualized (in utero) and produce signs (due to structural abnormalities, i.e., holes, closures, closed valves, narrowed valves, etc...)
    That girl probably wouldn't have figured out that something was wrong until she came of age and . I'm willing to bet that they would've caught the disorder during pregnancy and put the girl - now a woman - on bedrest.

    But, I wonder...if it was an 'inherited' disorder, wouldn't someone in that family have it?
    If one of the parents was a carrier, then...why not a sibling or a grandparent..
    I'm assuming that 'Anais' didn't play sports? She's a young girl and kids It's amazing that she could make it to the age of 14... running, jumping and bounding about without incident.
    I suppose this situation is similar to these stories of little boys who drop dead during pee-wee football (where it's not heat-stroke related).


    The FDA doesn't regulate the caffeine content of MONSTER, so says the mother? Based on what...?
    If that were true, the FDA wouldn't know how many mg's were in a single can to begin with.

    Anyway - if you have a cardiovascular condition, i.e., HTN, Heart Failure and the like? You need to actually READ the warning labels and exercise extreme caution or outright back off these 'energy drinks', diet pills, etc...
    They stress the heart (by increasing the workload)...and your heart's already not performing optimally.

    Either way, people have really got to be careful with these supplement-laden energy drinks. Just because it doesn't come in a drug bottle doesn't mean that it doesn't act like a 'pharmacological agent'. BTW, just because it days 'natural' on the box doesn't mean that you can pop 50 pills a day without incident. It's a drug.
    Caffeine is a pharmacological agent.
    ...and 'herbal' supplements are NOT regulated, standardized or tested for safety, FYI. Meaning, there are no regulations to control how they are made. You don't actually know how much of a 'dose' you're rec'ving.

    Of course, everyone blames the FDA.
    Well, in their defense?
    You can tell people all about these things until you're blue-black in the face. Doesn't matter.
    I've seen people on this very site encouraging the use of supplements...with no precautions or considerations for pre-existing medical conditions.
    Pharmacology is pretty 'black n white'... which goes to show just how lazy some of these people are.
    They don't have understanding. They're not working with 'applied' knowledge.
    That's why they 'copy/paste' everything and directing detractors to a 'book of opinons' (not facts) that some random a--s 'doctor' wrote.
    Yeah...some 'doctor' whose specialty has nothing to do with anything medical...let alone being in the vicinity of biological science.

    ...but what can you do?
    These people would argue down those who know better about this matter and most would side with the individual who flat-out doesn't know what the hell they're talking about... because their words are pro-natural...because they're promoting an 'alternative'...because they're rhetoric is anti-western science or... afrocentric?
    What's the use?
    Best that anyone can do is tell people to do is think (critically) and not be so gullible and easily led.
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    Petition calls for FDA to regulate energy drinks

    One hundred scientists and physicians have written a letter to the Food and Drug Administration asking for more regulation of increasingly popular energy drinks because their high caffeine content puts young drinkers at possible risk for caffeine intoxication and higher rates of alcohol-related injuries.

    The letter was written by Roland Griffiths, a neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore. It asked the FDA to require the drinks' caffeine content be listed on the can, to set a limit on the amount of stimulant allowed in the drinks and to require warning labels.
    Read more:
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    My heart and prayers go out to this family. Losing a child under any circumstances is a tragedy.

    As for the energy drink company being sued, I agree these parents are mourning and lashing out at the only entity they can. They know the money won't bring her back; but they have convinced themselves that this lawsuit may help "save" somebody else's child from these "evil energy drinks."

    .....Another danger to youth and others are those "STACKER" diet pills which can be bought at any convenience store/gas station.---These pills are HIGH in caffeine and many NON-DIETING people take them for ENERGY. (smh)

    ....Yes, in general, people and parents should be more responsible and aware of what they (and their children) are eating/drinking and the potential harm to their bodies whether they have a "pre-existing condition" or not.

    There are popular cocktails in night-clubs/bars which mix these "energy drinks" (usually Red Bull) with some type of alcohol, usually, vodka.----Now, ALCOHOL is a DEPRESSANT while an "energy drink" is a STIMULANT.--So, just WHAT do they think this combination is doing on the INSIDE of their bodies, especially if ingested in large amounts and with regularity?? :10500: