Black Children : 13 y/o Writes Book For Middle-Schoolers


Feb 28, 2009
13-year-old pens middle school success guide

by Ugonna Okpalaoka | September 24, 2012 at 1:29 PM
Students can sometimes find the transition into middle school stressful and challenging, so one eighth grader used his experience to create a road map for success.
Madu Eneli, of Harker Heights, Texas, published a book titled, “Am I Ready for Middle School?” Its chapters are dedicated to topics like handling a heavier workload, reaching out for academic help, and navigating the social aspects of lunch and recess.
“I started thinking about writing the book last year after I started seventh grade,” Eneli told Harker Heights Herald. “I don’t think there’s another book like this that speaks to middle school kids.”
“Now is the time to dream big, work hard, have fun, and make new friends,” the back cover of the book reads.

Madu Eneli, an eighth grader from Texas, wrote a guide to academic and personal success for other middle school students.
Eneli’s goal is to provide other teens his age with tips and strategies to help them do their best in middle school.
“What you do during these years can set you up for success in high school and pave the way for college scholarships,” the book’s description reads.
Eneli has already racked up a number of achievements in his short time in middle school.
He was selected by NBC to attend the 2012 Education Nation Summit in New York City this week. He was one of many students in attendance at the summit’s first ever student town hall.
Eneli has also been selected to attend the Middle School Presidential Inauguration Conference in Washington, D.C. in January 2013.

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