Law Forum : 12-Year Old Boy Jailed For Murder Now Free at 29-Years Old

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    If he was white they would not be divulging his name and picture, then again, if he and his sister had been white they would have probably been sent to a mental hospital because they were molested by a convicted predator that their father knowingly brought in their home.

    Wednesday, July 29, 2015

    Curtis Fairchild Jones in 2015 and 1999

    Melbourne, FL — Curtis Fairchild Jones went to prison sixteen years ago as 12-year old boy, but has now been released as a 29-year old man. Back in 1999, Jones and his sister reportedly killed their father’s girlfriend with their father’s gun, reportedly hitting her four times out of nine bullets fired.

    They also attempted to kill their father and another male relative because they say they were sexually abusing them.

    The case made headlines in 1999 because the kids were the youngest ever charged as adults with first-degree murder. There was no trial or testimony, and probably worst of all, there was no opportunity to present evidence showing that welfare investigators found multiple signs of possible abuse going on.

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