Black Education / Schools : 11 former Atlanta educators convicted in cheating scandal


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Jan 20, 2015
The ones that didn't waive their right to appeal have a real chance of having these crazy sentences reduced.. Rico for a cheating on tests?... come on now Georgia.

that said..

These so-called "Educators" cheating these kids out of real preparation for those tests.. is a complete betrayal. Undereducate them.. inflate their grades/scores.. then send them off to the next grade with false confidence.. unprepared.. primed for failure... and now the next teacher's problem.. what a shame.

Thanks for sharing .


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Feb 22, 2004
What constitutes to much morality when it comes to Black educators responsibly for educating our Black children and instead resort to changing grades on on the test so the students appears to have passed, the teacher gets a good grade, and the school receives funding. The losers are the students, our future. This cheating scam went on for more than 10 years!
How many students suffered moving from one grade to the next, always behind, until they drop out.
I don't view this as a race related problem, unless we make it one by not holding these teachers responsible ourselves.
Blacks cannot let these teachers off the hook. They must be held accountable by us. I don't know how, but it has to happen.
When the story broke teachers spoke of how they were bullied to follow the cheating, how the teachers took long breaks and didn't even attempt to teach class.
I'm just mad as hell. I've tutored students for years in a program whose goal is to get the student to grade level. So many of our Black student are not reading, doing math or science at grade level.
What these teachers are "accused" of doing in totally unacceptable.

look I agree that teaching kids is a serious thing and switching their grades is a bad thing, but in regards to the issue, everything in this world is a racial issue. my problem is more with the sentencing then the conviction. however I am saying the over all goal is to keep black people out of the penal system, at any rate it's over now and if they did it I bet they won't any more.

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006

U.S. cracks down on female teachers who sexually abuse students

... Female educators who sexually abuse their students are facing tougher prosecution in part because there are more women police officers. There is also a greater awareness among prosecutors, judges and the general public that students who are victimized by an authority figure, regardless of gender, experience trauma with life-long consequences ...


A combination image of booking photos show teachers convicted of sexual assaults (L-R) Nicole Dufault, Kathryn Ronk and Erica Ann Ginnetti in Essex County Department of Corrections, Michigan Department of Corrections, and Pennsylvania State Police photos respectively. In U.S. schools last year, almost 800 school employees were prosecuted for sexual assault, nearly a third of them women. (REUTERS/Handout)


In the Spirit of Non-Teaching,


11 former Atlanta educators convicted in cheating scandal

ATLANTA (AP) — In one of the biggest cheating scandals of its kind in the U.S., 11 former Atlanta public school educators were convicted Wednesday of racketeering for their role in a scheme to inflate students' scores on standardized exams ...


Former Deerwood Academy assistant principal Tabeeka Jordan, center, is led to a holding cell after a jury found her guilty in the Atlanta Public Schools test-cheating trial, Wednesday, April 1, 2015, in Atlanta. Jordan and 10 other former Atlanta Public Schools educators accused of participating in a test cheating conspiracy that drew nationwide attention were convicted Wednesday of racketeering charges. (AP Photo/Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kent D. Johnson, Pool)




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Jan 20, 2015
Those teachers who chose to change test grades for Black students in their class are the real sell outs in our community.
This cheating campaign did not go on for 1 yr, 2 yrs, 3 yrs, it was/is a practice estimated to have been going on since 2005. 9-10 years before being uncovered.
10 yrs. these were Black grade school students. My understanding is the students went from one grade to the next within the district, with the teachers who changed test grades. Teachers agreement. There are so many problems with this situation.
Ten years is a long time. Thousands of students unlearned, untaught. What happens when these students move on to middle school, leaving the cheating teachers behind. Are they prepared for middle school, high school? What happens when one of these students moves to another district without being up to grade level because he/she was never actually taught.
As a parent, A Black person, woman and mother I find this action criminal.
Thousands, not one grade level, but throughout grade school, some students have been passed one grade to another grade based on a lie. Not being actually taught.
It's painful. I've been watching the news, and some parents of effected students are thinking about suing. Of course some teachers are appealing and this will stretch into years.
I've been thinking "How could these teachers do this to their own people, our children".
How many of these students dropped out of school, how many were passed on and now can't read or write. This was not a one grade of cheating, it was an entire grade school if cheating. Grade 1 thru grade 5, or 6. Students after students for ten years.
I'm not judging teachers, I'm mad as hell that this was done to Black students, on purpose.
I do believe because this was going on in Black school districts, it's going on in all school districts.

I heard on Steve Harvey Radio Show, he said, one of up the teachers is looking for someone to do a weekend in jail, lol. I think he was joking. I hope he was. If you listen to Steve Harvey, you can guess the rest.......hell naw....

Ten years. How many students affected. Really? Thousands.

I love my peoples with all my heart, and when the mess up like this I'ma love them enough to say "WHAT WAS YOU THINKING". That's just wrong. As Black people I think we owe it to our children, to let them know this is acceptable behavior, cheating.
IMO, when Black folk do some trash like this, it's an invitation for the white, brown, yellow man to get in that arse.

I wanna say this will draw attention to teachers having to teach to the test, but that's still no excuse for grown folk, teachers to fail students for TEN YEARS. I'm really outraged. TEN YEARS!

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