Black Jokes Humor : 101 Things To Do At Walmart

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    1.Go into the dressing rooma and yell "There's no toiletpaper"

    2.If it's a 24 hour Wal Mart, go in late at night and fall asleep on the patio furnature

    3.go around and put condoms in random peoples carts

    4.Have contests to see who can get down the isles fastest while rolling

    5.have wheel chair races

    6.pick out some fish and while they're getting them say "They will be good for supper"

    7.Pick out some fish adn wihle they're getting them casually walk away

    8.Put the clothes over your own and walk around with the tags still on

    9.scan cds at all the scanning stations and turn up the volume on all of them

    10.spray all the prefume and cologn in the isle and walk away

    11.Sit on a cooler and have someone push you around

    12.have a guy with u and have him ask a salesperson where the vasoline is

    13.Walk around wearing a trenchcoat. and nothing else.

    14.go streaking down the toys isle

    15.have ball races down the isle

    16.ride the bikes around

    17.go work out on the work out machines, dressed in your jogging suit and carrying a bottle of water

    18.test out all the fishing reels

    19.turn up all the stereos and put them all on a diffrent stations

    20.go to the ear piercing booth and ask if u can get your nipple pierced

    21.Build a fortress out of the big bags of dog and cat food

    22.go to the fabric isle with a guy/girl friend and ask "Which one would make the best leash"

    23.have another person with u and ask a salesperson: Do u sell Whips?"

    24.grab a ton of condom boxes and go to the oldest checkout person

    25.get a bunch of friends and go to the biggest tv that's showing a movie; sit in front of it with lots of snacks and watch the whole movie

    26.go to the phone isle and pick up each phone and say "Hello? Hello? Mr. Brown i can moooooo"

    27.go up to a salesperson and ask "Which paper is better for printing porn pictures the glossy or the regular"

    28.ask a salesperson which toilet paper is better for sensitive bottoms

    29.ask a salesperson "Where is the preperation H?"

    30.take all the pillows and lie them in the isle and ask the

    person that comes by "Do you like my bed?"

    31.stand in front of the peptobismol and sing the song everytime someone walks by

    32.ask a salesperson "Where are the rubbermade tubs?" go to the isle and ask the next person who goes to the isle "Which tub would be better to store a dead body in?"

    33.ask a salesperson where the rubbermades are, and if they lead you to them frown and say, "no, that won't fit my boyriend.."

    34. if you're a girl, stand in the bathroom in front of the tampon despenser looking frustrated. when someone walks in, ask them for a quarter; if they give you the quarter, grin and run away.

    35.ask a salesperson "Which hair die is the best for my dad's back hair?"

    36.go to the candle isle and smell every single candle in the isle

    37.go in with a duffle bag full of you clothes and put them in the dressers

    38.sit on a toilet and ask the next person who walks by if they could get you some toilet paper around putting stickers on everyone

    40.go to the hat isle and put on every hat at once

    41.go to the hunting and fishing department and ask "Which gun should i use to kill my husband with?"

    42.get a group of friends wearing formal wear to have dates and go into the cd isles. test out all of the cds that have ballads and dance

    43.get some friends and go to the pillow isle and have a pillow fight

    44.go to the party isle and try to decide loudly "which tierra would be best for chester"

    45.get some motor oil and ask the salesperson "Which would be better to cook my chicken in?"

    46.go to the greeting cards and think out loud loudly "Which should i get my husband and which one should i get my boyfriend"

    47.go to the book isle and yell "WHY DONT THEY HAVE ANY PORN"

    48.snap thongs at random people's heads

    49.ask a salesperson in the lawn and garden department "Which sprinkler is best to run through naked?"

    50.insist that the lawn gnomes are stalking you and you would like it if they were replaced by gary coleman

    51.make balloon animals out of the condoms and try to sell them; if all else fails, hand them out while dressed like a clown

    52.have a few condom boxes in your hand so the salesperson can see them and ask "Which chapstick is the best for chapped lips?"

    53.pick out diffrent brands of markers and ask a person "Which is better to draw blood with?"

    54.ask a salesperson "Which tablecloth would better to serve the mob on?"

    55.take random cds and put them in different places

    56.get some friends and line up the toy rocking horses and act like youre having a race

    57.ask a salesperson which bandaid is better to cover up a hickey

    58.take the expensive make up and swich it with the cheap make up

    59.skip down isles while singing "somewhere over the rainbow" in the bathroom

    61.go to the shoe isle. pick out a pair of shoes, put them on, and leave your old shoes in the box

    62.go to the electric isle and ask a salesperson which lightbulb is best for an interrigation room

    63.go to the sketchbook isle and ask the next person that comes down the isle, "Which sketchbook do you think is better for drawing naked people in?"

    64.have sword fights with the posters tag on the electric carts while pretending to be an old person

    66.sit outside the doors with a cup asking for money

    67.go to the peanut butter isle and ask the next person which peanutbutter has the best nuts

    68.throw panties in the air yelling "Panties Glorious Panties"

    69.go buy some toe socks and then walk around with them on your hands and ask people if they like your gloves

    70.Go down the knife isle and sing " In the bedroom the mighty bedroom sleeps tonight In the Kitchen the mighty kitchen has a knife a weenie wack a weenie wack"(i.e:In the bedroom the mighty bedroom Larry sleeps tonight In the Kitchen the mighty kitchen Helena has a knife a weenie wack a weenie wack)

    71.On the little toys u can draw on with a magentic pen write/draw absence things (boobs,the middle finger,ect)

    72.Reinact the Dentin Fire gum commercials

    73.Imatate the teen girl sqaud

    74.Act like your Tim the Tool Man Taylor and ride a lawn mower and proclaim "MORE POWER MORE POWER"

    75.Go set all the alarm clocks so they will og off at the same time and put them on diffrent radio stations

    76.Ask a person in the pen "Which is better to stick in a persons eye?"

    77.Go to the silverware isle and pick up a spoon and aska person "Do u wanna spoon?" or a fork and ask "Do u wanna fok?"

    78.Get a spatula and go around and slap peoples butts with it

    79.Go to the motor part isle and ask "Where did the middle man go??"

    80.Go to the hardware department and pick up a screw and ask the next person in the isle "u wanna screw?"

    81.Go up to a random person and tell them "U look so makey outy tonight"

    82.Walk around the store drinking champagne

    83.Go to the pj isle and put a pair of pj pants on and then go up to a person and ask "Do u want to go to a pj party?"

    84.Go to the cd isle and imitate the lead singer

    85.Get a guy to pick out some lipstick and go up to an old woman and ask "Would this lipstick go with my formalware?"

    86.Get a guy and put on some make up on and have hime sing "I feel pretty oh so pretty and witty and GAYYYYYYYYYYYY"

    87.Have it look like some people have crash on bikes in the middle of the toy isle and then put caution tape around them

    88.Go around and proclaiming "There are to many number in the system"

    89.Go around with shoes on yopur hands

    90.Get some of those cheap knee highs and go around with them on your hands

    91.Ask for the manager and then casualy walk away

    92.Fill up a cart with anything then leave it in an isle

    93.Get a bang of hursey's kisses and go around asking people "Do you wanna a kiss?"

    94.Put random cds in people carts


    96.Have vacuum races

    97.Take pictures with the digital camera and then set it as the pic that comes up when u turn the camera on

    98.Take a maker and go around and draw on the floor

    99.Ask a person which model airplain has the best glue to get high off of

    100.Have a sockpuppet on your hand and look at the drapes. talk to the puppet and say, "so melvin, which drapes should we get?" and have a conversatoin (i.e: "no, those don't match the doiles", "andrew didnt like the blue ones", etc)

    101.Take a tent and set it up in the middle of the isle and proclaim your having a camp out
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