Black People : 1000 Black Men March in Chicago


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Feb 9, 2001
I respect you post. However, I have seen this before. After the march things go back to usual. Marching is like putting a band aid on a massive cut that needs stitches. But men and women must get beyond the marching and to positively move ahead as a group or people. And that seems to be the hardest part. Our marching together suddenly falls apart due to our own selfishness, pride, egos, religion, Greek associations, class, and etc. We need more than just a physical solution like marching. We need a spiritual solution or a spiritual renewal of hearts and a rethinking or programming of our minds.
I don't disagree, Fireman, I understand your point. I just hope that the time has arrived where we will see more than marching. I just hope that out of this collective movement, that it will inspire some to stick with it, realize what next steps might be needed to push forward and out of it will provide different results. I believe that among that large group of men, are mixed generations and diverse cultures; all Black but among them the old and young--baby boomers to millennials, college educated to skilled trades to unemployed, religious and non-religious, married and single, same sex and opposite sex attracted, able body to disabled, veterans and non-veterans. The mixture of the generations and cultures could teach and learn from each other and develop a bond and common goal. It's a new day, the march might be an old method of protest but could lead to more aggressive and targeted actions. I'm willing to give people like this the benefit of the doubt and applaud them for, again, doing something more than standing on the street corners and sitting on the couch or going about their day as though what's happening to us in this country doesn't or won't affect them.

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