Brother AACOOLDRE : 10 short facts on Slavery

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    By Andre Austin

    1. Slaves were known by the names of ******.s or Negro’s which refers to necropolis=a mentally and spiritually dead people. Know the value of word etymology (ancestry of words).

    2. Top reasons slaves ran away was inadequate food, clothes, beatings or family member being sold off to another plantation.

    3. Abraham’s Lincoln famous Cooper Union Speech launched him into the presidency. We honor Lincoln on a cooper penny and a $5 dollar bill.

    4. Lincoln told a group of slaves that every colored man born before Emancipation should receive a pension of a $1 per day for the rest of his life (Lay my burden down by B.A. Botkin p.25)

    5. After 1808 the importation of slaves for Africa was illegal. Whites feared blacks would outnumber them and have an insurrection like Toussaint in Haiti did in the 1790’s. White lawmakers in America felt Toussaint was a reincarnation of Hannibal who almost overthrew Rome in the 3rd century BC (The Suppression of the African Slave Trade by W.E.B. Duboisp.82). At this time Black females became more valuable than men because they now became a substitute against the 1808 law banning importation of slaves. Now comes black studs and white studs putting their seeds of fertilization of the black women. All these women were raped because they had no power to say know. Some fought back by killing their infants to free them from slavery. True events from which the novel and movie Beloved was based.

    6. According to the 1860 Census records 12% of blacks were classified as mulattoes (The Peculiar Institution by Kenneth Stamp p.351). This was an undercount. After slavery many blacks said they had Native-American blood instead of white because whites held them as slaves.

    7. Many slave masters were cheap and didn’t take care of their slaves. It was common for slaves to work in the fields entirely nude. I’ve read three sources from three books verifying this. They probably were worked naked to entice them to breed, prevent runaways and save money. “the overseer then led us off to the field with his horn…There was not an entire garment among us…several young girls who had arrived at puberty, wearing only the livery with which nature had ornamented them” (To Be A Slave By Julius Lester p.70). Another slaves reports: “All he feed us was raw meat and green corn…he worked us all day without stopping [for lunch]. We went naked, that the way he worked us. We never had any clothes” (Lay my burden Down Edited by B.A. Botkin p.86). The last slave report is also grim. Lavina Bell was a slave show girl taught to dance, sing, and cackle like a hen or crow like a rooster until you couldn’t tell the difference. Something went wrong and she was then reduced to a field hand. “After that time she was sent into the cotton field with the other field hands, where the treatment was cruelly severe. No clothes whatever were allowed them, their hair was cut off close to their head and thus exposed to the glare of the southern sun” (Slave testimony Edited By John Blassingame p.342). But I asked who is the only women on earth can model as bald headed today? Who looks fine if she has any hair or not? The black Nubian Queen, mother of the universe. However, the term “butt naked” & twerking is applied to black women as a throw back and carry over from working in the fields naked from 1619-1865 then having to submit as house maids from 1865-1960’s. There is a book and movie Black like me citing many instances of black females not getting their checks until they had sex with their white bosses. Ain’t a **** thing changed? Black women still make their kids go get a switch to get whip because that’s what our master made them do. I guess the chains and images of slavey hasn’t been broken. The Black women suffered more than the blackman even though we were castrated by the Christians and the Arabs. The sun couldn’t penetrate your mahogany bald head or body because God protected it. Lary Flynt (penthouse) and Hugh Hefner (playboy) they can take your picture but they can’t create the body and soul and you stand as a cast mold of Eve.

    8. Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852) By Harriet Beecher Stowe has been savagely a victim of disinformation. Tom was a Christ like figure who refused to snitch on runaway slaves, helped women who didn’t produce enough product out in the field was turned into a villain. The book also helped keep the fuel burning against slavery until the Civil War started in 1861. The book was popular until a black radical; George McGuire started to turn him into a submissive soul in the 1920’s. The real villains in Uncle Tom’s Cabin was the two black killers of Tom: Quimbo & Sambo. An updated Sambo today is a black person who uses his time and skill to hurt the black community like Supreme Court justice, Clarence Thomas who voted in 2013 against the 1965 Voting rights Act. Other Sambo’s are black mayors and politician who give all city contracts to the white mafia/mob. If they give any money to their friends and relatives they are racketeers. So they have two choices of being a Sambo or Racketeer or split the baby like Solomon and let everybody get a piece of the action.

    9. How did the confederate states get blacks to put on grey coats and fight with them in the Civil war? “They told us we must fight the Yankees who intended to catch us and sell us to Cuba to pay the expenses of the war. I did not believe it but a great many did” (Slave Testimony p.383). Imagine that blacks in blue and Grey uniforms shooting each other. It reminds me of the Crip & bloods shooting each other. They should pursue peace like the Hatefields and McCoy’s and get incorporated into some legal business operations.

    10. After slavery ended blacks were promised 40 Acres & a Mule (Today this would be a free house, car and education for life). We got nothing. The only people who got reparations were the white people who oppress and enslaved black people. The Freedman’s Bureau was set up to help former slaves was a misnomer. The Bureau’s economic, political and health focus was shifted from former slaves to confederates whites who got homestead lands, food, and clothing. Funds were used to rebuild a white caste system of slavery in other names like Share cropping, peonage and Jim Crow. Blacks have been the workhouse of the 13, 14 15 amendments with Civil rights laws enacted in 1964-1968. Affirmative-Action programs have been shifted to and kidnapped into a white women’s movement. It’s sad to say President Obama was the first president ever to degrade his black father as a strategy to get elected which has made him incapable to appointing a Blackman to the Supreme court. He extends his hand to gay black men in his subconscious hate against his father who forsaken his white mom to several of his African wives. Martin Luther King’s march on Washington was organized by A. Philip Randolph an atheist and Bayard Rustin a homosexual. John F Kennedy assassination in 1963 led to our Civil Rights legislation not us being the workhorse and martyrs of the movement. Immediately after the “I have a Dream Speech” Martin Luther King went to the White House and asked the president to sign a second Emancipation Proclamation letter. Martin L. King was assinated in 1968 and wasn’t the same dreamer he was in 1963. King’s dream was coming very close to Malcolm X’s opening chapter called the “Nightmare”. We have the so-called first Black president (John Hanson is the first & you can see him on a $2 dollar bill) but our trained black politicians, educators, ministers are trained only to help us as individuals and not lift us up as a whole. We have a long way to go and a short time to get there. We need to know the direction of remembering Slavery and the Poor as king did like St James. St Paul gave lip service to remembering the Poor but was devoted to you Remembering Roman slavery and submitting to it. Paul Remembered slavery like the Confederates Remember the Alamo which was about Slavery. We thank Rosa Parks who gave birth to Martin L King by Remembering Emmitt Till busted swollen up watermelon sized head in a casket. She remembered him and her feets were no ways tired to give up her seat for that white man who wanted it. Lincoln once said blacks couldn’t free themselves like Haiti because they had no way to centralized their communication. The Montgomery bus Boycott, getting out the vote for Kennedy and the march on Washington were successful because we could mass communicate with each other. Our technology for communication is bigger and better now but we degrade ourselves instead of uplifting ourselves now. We fight, the struggle continues.
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    I've heard of this, but never really believed it (no one ever has a "link" to the supposed black confederates).

    As for #10, rather than bemoan the Freedmen's bureaus, we should be looking at the U.S. right after the Civil War. MLK, Jr. said it best (video on this site) when he talked about all the TENS OF THOUSANDS of acres of land the U.S. gave to white settlers "after" the Civil War. To hayle with the Freedman's Bureau! Gimme my dayum 40 acres! (instead of the mule, a tractor.... at best a Lexus).


    Sorry, but ole pops luved him some white women! Don't know about an "several" African wives, but I do know that when he came back to Kenya from abroad, he brought a white woman with him. His Kenyan wife who was for all intent and purposes, a single mother while he gallivanted around the world with his white women, supported their 2 children ALONE in his absence (sent her NO money). No good bum took their children, told them the white woman he married was their mother and went to another village to live. The man disgusts me....

    Other than claiming he's the "first president" NOT OF THE U.S. but some confederacy before there was even a U.S. (never tell ya that!), why should black folk care about this man? Did he do anything for us? We know we didn't "elect" him, so wassup with acting like he "counts?"

    Interesting list.