Black Poetry : 1 iz tha Magic #

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    And if I fall asleep
    To the drum of my own beat
    If I toot my horn so loud
    Sounding through the streets

    Got to survive
    And live for me

    I've got to hold mines
    And to those who lies
    Not let them define me
    Not let them destroy me

    Or those who try to "love" me
    Not to let them rule me

    So many times before
    The signs so obvious I ignored
    Cause of my ignorance I was unable to achieve
    I was unable to get mines together
    And prosper

    So One iz tha Magic #
    It's all about me
    Though they come in many different disguises
    They all phonies
    It's me,me,me
    Trying to keep my sanity
    Trying to keep living for the dream
    And in the end
    Ain't nobody else there
    When I'm in the hole
    Nobody there
    Except for silence and me
    There's just me