The Front Porch : $1 Billion in 30 days = Down payment on our future repatriation.


Jul 15, 2021
We can only make others aware of our power by showing our collective leverage.

  • WE DO NOT NEED TO SEND MONEY ANYWHERE. Please SAVE $1.50 a day for 30 days and deposit it into YOUR BANK. Preferably a U.S. bank or your current banking institution. (If you do not have an account, please try to participate with opening a SAVINGS account.)

  • Please set up a SAVINGS account named: AFRICAN AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE FUND. This IS VERY Important.

  • This will allow all US banks to confirm our collective AFRICAN AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE FUND accounts without anyone transferring any money. (This will also keep outside interference from our collective efforts)

  • This AFRICAN AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE FUND will be the beginning of our leverage. The days of our protests are not in vain. We can now protest with our collective capital in mind.

Phase 1, Leverage

$1 Billion in 30 days

$1.50 from every African American over 21 for the next 30 days. (24 million x $1.50 x 30 = over $1 Billion.)

Phase 2: Repeat. Once we have collectively done this on a monthly basis we will have established ourselves as an independent economic force.

Future Possibilities:

Land: 5 - 10 million acres of land in Africa that can accommodate our repatriation.

Jobs: Technology, Science, Engineering, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Financial and Educational job opportunities will be created and could be filled by our own people.

Economic Power: African American investment in Africa is greatly needed and will finally help bridge some of the gaps that have been wedged between us.

Please offer any valuable criticisms.

Thank you.
when has africa invested in african america ?
Africa supplies the entire world with endless natural resources that will never be able to be mined or extracted. The question should be 'why don't the corporations who extract these resources from Africa not invest in Africa or African Americans?' Right?


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