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May 30, 2015
Because all of your responses--namely, posts numbers 20, 22 and 24 being completely non-responsive and remarkably irrelevant, it will be assumed--at this time-- you're not ready to engage on a subject matter you were under the impression you could handle. That's always the normal response: when cornered, seek to change the subject. You are avoiding answering my simple questions and now seek to take this issue into another direction. You see, that's why I asked you upfront were you ready to engage with me on the issue of "obesity" and Black Women. And everyone notices you did not respond.

You never answered the question.

Then, I turned around and gave you the opportunity to revise your comments about what you perceive to be the truth and again, you refused to answer the question and brought irrelevancies into the mix instead.

I cannot teach someone who is not focused. For those reasons, my dear Brotha, unless you answer the following two questions, I will not respond to you because you're just simply not equipped to play with the big boys. If I'm incorrect and you choose to wanna engage, all you have to do is answer the following two questions and it will be my pleasure to guide you into unchartered waters about the beauty, intelligence and sophistication of Black Women in general, and the Majesty of Big-Boned Black Women in particular.

If you accept the challenge, stop breakdancing and just answer the following, simple questions:

1) Do you wish to engage with me about the "obesity" of Black Women?

2) Do you wish to revise your own comments which you wrote:

Obesity is not healthy, and should not be exalted as something our ladies should inspire to be. My view has nothing to do with appearances...

One last thing. This doesn't mean you're a bad person. As you are my Brotha, I stand with you--always-- in the struggle for the betterment and liberation of black people. So, despite our differences here in the virtual, I stand with you as one black power on the asphault against those who are antagonistic with black bodies. In short, Black Lives Matter bruh.
I see you are still not quoting my entire sentence. I have actually rewrote the actual statement for you and yet you are still trying to get me to comment on the Straw Man you have created. Until there is some actually attempt to discuss what I actually stated, it would be silly for me to answer questions about a statement you intentionally quote out of context. I hope you understand brother that you are using the same underhanded tactics that many Media News Services use to stir up controversy.

Last, I told you I stand by what I actually said, not the broken up quote you are trying to display as what I said. Second, I have no need to engage with you on the subject of obesity of Black Women, when my statement had nothing to do with their appearances, but with the health issues obesity causes. I made a simple easily understood post about why exalting unhealthy living (obesity) does a disservice to the women in our community. You can love how they look all you want, but that does not change the fact that obesity is considered a major health issue that even the FLOTUS felt the need to address and fight.
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