Black Spirituality Religion : ❣Ʈhe ℳajesty of Ƀig-Ƀoned Ƀlack Ŵomen❣


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Aug 21, 2012
The beauty of the big-boned Black Woman was global. And so was the awareness concerning her physique. As noted elsewhere in these series of notes, the beauty of Black Women is not restricted to a narrow space in someone's limited cognizance. Ancient records show us she is geometrical and the Candaces to be big-boned. This is data which cannot be disputed with any other data.

One may easily lose grasp of these facts when there doesn't exist a depth of historical knowledge concerning the beauty, intelligence and sophistication of all Black Women.

Let us provide even more data to substantiate the fact advanced by us that the Candaces were known to be big-boned Black Women.

Everyone in the ancient world knew the Candaces to be big-boned Black Women.


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Aug 21, 2012
After reading every comment I believe the thread title was eventually cast aside and replaced by emotional content. Not intentionally negative as I see it but emotional nonetheless. There are "Big Boned" sisters that the thread title alluded to in tribute then there are "Full Figured" sisters. Sisters can be one or the other and more so a combination of both.

The late Coretta Scott King was considered by many admirers as being "Big Boned".

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Jillian Jill Scott is considered by many admirers as being "Full Figured".

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To me it's not about the weight. It's about how you adorable sisters carry yourselves.

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Pride in self.

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Love you all. Have a beautiful weekend and GOD Bless.
Thank you for dropping in...I appreciate your comments.

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