Black Spirituality Religion : ✳Reasons Why Black Women Should Have a Personal Altar


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Aug 21, 2012

Somewhere in time past, a number of Black Women have forgotten that it was all about them. Somewhere in time past, Black Women became fragmented from one another, detached from her sacred fires, righteous ceremonies and ultimately adopted a consciosness unlike she had in the Ancient World.

And when that happened, she forgot about that which makes her magnificent, exceptional, heavenly, geometrical. She forgot about the ancient cities that she first created in the East. She forgot about her--Black Women--being recorded as being the original angelic beings and the original ministers of grace to those in need.

The countless obstacles she has overcome have all but faded from the Black Woman's collective memory. And, perhaps, most importantly, she seems to have forgotten her relationship to the cosmos.

Faded memories can have a profound negative impact beginning with harmful changes against one's individual and collective perceptions which become distorted. That is to say, when Black Woman steps outside her Perfection, thinking and believing she's average, detachment surfaces.

Then, she's in a place so far away from her original state whereby they allow themselves to be trapped inside a labyrinth which prevents her personal development; thus, where you were once are now doing the worshipping.

Where you were once kneeled to; you are now doing the kneeling.

Having a personal altar can assist in rectifying this situation.
Before we delve into the the reasons for Black Women having an altar to themselves, I should convey an open note which is this message may not be for everyone.

Some might already have an altar. Others may not want one. There may be those who think it sacrilegious to even consider an altar to themselves.

Either way, like all the information we're going over here and elsewhere, this may be something you're not into at this time.

I address these series of notes to those who are receptive of our theme.
The first reason is that you deserve it.

The obstacles you face, the ish you endure and the tests which you overcome daily justifies every Black Woman deserving to have a quiet space for herself.

But not only a quiet space, but a holy and sacred place. An area where you are focusing on how it's all about you.

These areas are for cultivating your greatness and magnificence.
For reflecting, understanding your strengths, skills and talents in order to keep moving forward and becoming more and more gifted in embracing those things which are excellent about you and those things which elevate your mind, and rejecting those things which are not.

To have such a place for you is not sacrilegious. In fact, areas such as these were the norm in the Ancient World.


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