Black People Politics : ▶ Republicans, Dems and "Progressives" unite telling blacks "We'll never give you reparations."


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Aug 21, 2012
Look at the article below. Nothing new. Just another situation where the media and the politicians basically say: "Let's play with them nigz emotions to get them to come out and vote. Let's act like we exposing a racist talking about a lynching."

Yay for Dems because they love us so :lol:



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Aug 21, 2012
If there are still some thinking voting works? Ok, no problem. Here's more evidence and perspectives to the contrary.

Consider what this Civil Rights Black Woman had to say about it. Before you read the quote, think about how some people thinking a system created by their oppressors will someday be overcome. Hasn't happened yet, but oh well, they keep hoping generation after generation.

And may I remind you of what I pointed out before this last election about those who wave the flag of racism/white supremacy. I observed how it's kinda unusual that these individuals say they don't trust the "white man's system" down to the smallest molecule UNTIL it comes to voting and POOF, the "white man" can be trusted :lol: All of a sudden there's fairplay. Sort of like wonder woman's golden lasso in a manner of speaking, it forces you to be truthful. WTF? (What the Fizzle). Hell, even Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said her opponent was fixing the race against her, right? She basically said that's why she lost. Right? In fact, on both sides, Dems and Repubs, were saying that about each other from many of the various races, from various states...look it up. So why were they saying this? Why were they accusing each other of stealing the elections? Lol. Because THEY KNOW what the game is and how it's played. We don't.

People still don't believe the voting system is a sham. All these pieces of evidence from Reconstruction, and many of us still not getting with the reality.

Take a few moments and do some research on Ballot Box 13 and Johnson and see how pervasive election stealing really is. And then maybe--just maybe-- for some, not all, may awaken from your naivete and start playing to win and not for "optics." In the meantime, here's that quote I was telling you about:

"..[T]he master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us to temporarily beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change." :hammer:---(Audre Lorde)


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Aug 21, 2012
Man yall, I know it hurts. It hurts like a motha fuzzle when you think about how since the beginning hundreds of years ago, not a fizzle thing has changed for us as a collective. Not nothing. So we start to do what the mind has been trained to do: start making excuses, ignoring the truth...lying to ourselves. Acting like we not slaves. Psychologists call it "defense mechanisms." Mechanisms we put in place psychologically in order to deal with the unbelievable trauma we don't wanna admit flowing through our veins.

So some of us think about Mike Brown and to avoid the raw truth that he was killed in cold blood, some of us say to ourselves "He got what he deserved because he stole some cigars."


Self-deception would be a common and even a reasonable response to our trauma. That's nothing to be ashamed of until once we start seeing the truth we maintain a comfortable seat in that deception. This relates to this voting-works-for-blacks thing we've been discussing and what I promised the people I will continue to speak on even after the 2018 sham mid-term elections. After all the hype has subsided.

So I'm still here speaking on it.

I'm here to make the argument that blacks cannot believe in the wickedness of "racism/white supremacy" AND the "integrity" of the voting system which "racism/white supremacy" created. They are mutually exclusive and cannot exist in the same realm.

Fascinating to me, as I mentioned before the mid-terms, how I notice many people who raise the black-everything flag will lower that flag when it comes to voting; as if voting has an honest or neutralizing affect on "racism/white supremacy."

Many of us are familiar with Dr. Frances Cress Welsing's work, right? What did she teach us about white supremacy? What areas of our lives did she tell us that white supremacy exist? Dr. Welsing, may she rest in peace, said that white supremacy is found deeply embedded in all areas of lives, right? Right? Talk to me. Those are her words, her research, not mine, right? Let's deal with it.

And what are those 9 areas she listed?





5) LAW



8) SEX

9) WAR

All our opinions matter. But I gotta say this. How you gone front? Talking about the white man this and the white man that and his evil can be found in all areas of our black lives except politics?

Having that belief---while I know it hurts---demonstrates my point: that the individual is deceiving themselves. They don't wanna concede the fact that we're still in chains. They can roll with the white supremacy thesis all day long and talk that game about 'black power' and the white man is the devil and the white man keeping black people down and the white man not giving us jobs (economics) and the white man not teaching us about ourselves (education) and the white man debasing our women via the rappers and images and sports (entertainment) and the white man exploiting our potential for economic advancement through how he pays an hour (labor) and the white man is putting black people in jail wholesale (law) and the white man gave us his belief system (religion) and the white man in our bedrooms by showcasing non-black love (sex) and the white man attacking us on the daily (war).

I then ask, respectfully: "But excuse me please, what about #6, what about the white man and politics and the voting system?"

They say: "Well, naw, that's the one area the white man is honest and we can trust him."


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Aug 21, 2012
The 2020 presidential elections are coming uphynosis.gif You will ignore all the evidence about voting doesn't work. You know it does work for black people. You know it's been working for black people for 400 years.

You will ignore all the dilapidated neighborhoods in black will ignore all the statistics on blacks doing the worse will ignore all the stats about documented racism existing in employment and hiring practices.

You will ignore this. You will dismiss this. You will justify its existence.

We are all equal.

Blacks are prospering. Racism/white supremacy exist EXCEPT when it comes to the voting process. Voting works. You know that things are only bad for black people because they don't vote.

Blacks as a collective are prospering.

Blacks are not under attack. It's in your/their minds.

Obama was the most productive president for black America since Abraham Lincoln. You believe and know this. Others who disagree are haters or don't understand.

Obama did a lot for black people.

Trump's racism is of the kind you've never seen before because before him, we were all getting along as one human family.

Trump started racism/white supremacy.
Racism is only in the mind. You have opportunities just like any other race.

Police shooting blacks is because blacks have done something wrong.

There is a such thing as a white progressive. They love black people.

There is a distinction between Dems and Repubs. Dems love black people.

Blacks as a collective, have benefitted from voting.

American racism still exist but only in very few instances.

Ignore Dr. King...because unlike what he said, 100 years later, you ARE don't accept what King said because you are are are are free...

Defend and embrace the works for black works for black people.

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