Black Poetry : “Warning Mother's” The Murder The Image Of Black Men

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    “Warning” The Murder Of Black Men

    To take a male child, under the ruler of woman;
    the mother without any male role,
    who he would identify as man and father.
    Under the norms he begin to resent
    Woman, the abomination, links to the need of father,
    the mother and his resentment will be
    passed on to all women. Many times women,
    Who birth children should be, castrated until
    They have proven themselves worthy of the
    Name, it is catastrophes of some sons,
    Who raised themselves, and mothers who lay
    On their backs, and children fending for self,
    No respect for their sons, as some
    lay upon their back with no shame;

    Doped up, cracked up, ***…, some of our son’s
    Crying to be freed, of their mother’s pain, fatherless
    Hating the liberties, that he was not wanted, only to be
    Manipulated and defamed, the holocaust that
    Lives within, hatred and resentment,
    the male who released his seed.

    Nevertheless he blocks out instructions,
    and the aggressor of his mother.
    Many times he take it out on the world.
    Keeping it real look within the reality
    of the cause and effects.
    This is why it is important that
    Man should be in their lives.

    Planting the seed that women is always in control, when the aggressor becomes the women role, nevertheless she is the mother, there becomes resentment after the child has left home, it then leaves a disk of the instructions that was presented when he was a child, the importance of father gives the structure of man and leadership within the image of man.

    To be a man empowered by women sometimes send the signal
    that he is less than a man.
    The toxin, that flows through the blood;
    and the capitation of leadership within self.
    The ideologies of being a man are hard to over come.
    Only by instructions of women which he can view self.
    The deactivation comes within the family tree.
    The reverse syndrome becomes the hatred
    of his seeds. Hating the liberties
    that he feels has been generated by the black women’s demands,
    Implanting the hatred within his own family tree,
    there would be no sense of identity,
    repression that sets the stimulation to incubate
    breaded embolisms cloned to another
    generation of re-living the pass instead of the slave master
    another substance of control mother, women, the cloning
    the image of what women think.

    Mother, women, wife, rebellion the censorship of man;
    Nevertheless the man is not in the home, the resentment
    Of mother always passed on as recycle baggage
    Into relationships, marriages, and what man thinks
    The chains that he cannot release.

    Within the mindset of man feeling relinquished of his rights
    by another mans demands, is it slave master syndromes?
    Is it the controller the mother? When there
    Is no man in the home, repress
    by the loyalties of women the provider of his need.
    Between violence and silence only a black man can search
    Deep within self, to restore order the empowerment
    that will help him over come the resentment of black woman
    And help him to have a healthy relationship forgiven
    the curse separation of family needs the fruits
    that create great men.

    Evaluations of power, Mastery of Self,
    Man of integrity, the minister of spirit,
    Finding of principals might of power,
    meekness simple laws of loving self,
    the hero or the coward saving self.

    The soul that dies a thousand times,
    when the soul of will would die once.
    The reign of dignity,
    the spirit of master imagery the mind,
    that thinks for self. Life, which comes, inhibited
    the tunnel vise mind; that can only live
    Within the power of illusion greater than self;
    Attitudes acquired by the social needs of ghetto mentality,
    Death to freedom is any hopes to
    Empowerment of self-wealth;
    Associate liberal attitudes in fringing of self.
    The robotic slave never died, cloak
    to a new world order.
    Transformed through the click of a switch.
    The control of a mind that refuses to conform;

    Submission of pain shall never over ride,
    the inner development of will.
    The man within his own,
    abominations of definitions,
    surely he feels his concept,
    the spoken words of a deliverance,
    without the understanding of what a man
    Is and should be.
    Wisdom blacked out within his own definitions.
    Nevertheless, he never learned wisdom,
    are the words holy,
    A man who don’t identify,
    with the creator who made him.

    Stripping man of his identity a gift from
    God, the murder of an image
    Abomination before God.
    Nevertheless it is the will of some men.
    To take on the image of woman,
    and loose his control of man.
    Man the spiritual wisdom of his tree,
    Nevertheless he was never taught he
    was the image of thy God.

    All women are not mothers because many
    were not taught the definition of woman.
    Nevertheless it is not the blame game
    upon culture, it is the ignorance
    that plague our family tree.

    Power of adaptations the tunnel,
    that shines upon the light.
    The prophet that bleeds peace of mind;
    The drawings of a stroll,
    the Kings of Kings proscribed
    Laws of the prophets, prophecy,
    transitions, humanity, reality, self restraint
    Power of suggestions,
    how the script is displayed.
    Upon the windows of great minds;

    Transforming the formative state of mind,
    the mastery of suggestions,
    Action and re-actions. Bondage of freedom;
    cloven in a demonstrating symbolic frame,
    the ancestor’s translations of the mastermind.
    Mastery of self, how mind rules the body.

    What God has ordained no man can erase,
    its not reversible it will only destruct if it is not in Gods plan.
    Finding of suggestions the master,
    peace of the mind.
    Finding the solutions that join, uniting power.
    Concentrating mythologies that speak out loud.
    Its not the theorize but the metrologies,
    that fits the peaces,
    of a puzzle, the picture can not be corrected,

    The actions of mans attempt,
    shall be the glory of great hopes.
    Which man is created only by the divine,
    specific action,
    of creations that any can be called the son of God,
    those who live upon the flesh is flesh, God is Spirit.
    The basis of action cannot be found.

    Mythological images, wearing the scent of death,
    buried deep in the turmoil of dark.
    Denial wide than the river of the black Nile.
    The two masters self and truth,
    The acquirements of spiritual power,
    man and perceptions, and sincerity,
    energy and power to the free mind.
    Indoctrinations of liberations the words,
    that shines through great men.

    Constant cries of thunder, legacies of retractions,
    taunting the invoices, crying let me free.
    The basics signs of actions can be death,
    by ones own hands.

    Conscious, cosmic, the law of consciousness’,
    free among the free,
    power of the eliminations of thoughts,
    energy and power, actions and reactions,
    free among the free.
    Transforming power of mind,
    the hero of destiny,
    the reason for the universe loyalty to God.
    In the beginning what and why is man.
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    well stated and done sis
    love this piece it express depth of man
    let me say ......
    Amen !
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    working to own my plus size empire.....
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    wow ashanta another great deep write keep them flo's coming my spiritual sista.:terrific: :luvu:

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    Blessings and thank you for your comments


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    dis gave me a reality check rite herr
    cuz dis is so true my sistah
    u made so many true statements is dis long spritual drop
    i was feelin yo flo and ...preach on now!
    luv dis

    blackluv and bp

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    again thank you my sista