Black Poetry : “This is all chocolate but like a small rocket this stuff will take off had enough girl your cake is soft give me a break let me toss some words in yo


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May 11, 2006
“This is all chocolate
but like a small rocket
this stuff will take off
had enough girl with cake soft
give him a break he wanna toss
words in her ears boo”
these other boys can't hear her
she's hood made
get good grades
no funny joke
she's a honey that smoke
and get sick fame
with a nickname
a chick that aim
at getting a boyfriend
and enjoy the wind
on back of a bike
its just fact and hype
they can go home and talk
then go for a long walk
he can use my wet quotes
to get boats
then go ashore
while the waters flow galore
“NAW PLAYER no more
can she hear this
he wanna sincere kiss
its like a great sea wave
want cake and be brave
enough to wash away true love
dodge the block
like its a large rock
boys come with camouflage plot
to trick her to bed
because her lips thick and red
boys come with absurd speak
and like bird's beak
they peck her in the head
they kiss her lips and wreck the bed
look for a hiding place
boys be gliding through lace
she has become a small meal
this is all real
a snack at the bar
one boy has a black car
sit on a low stool
and there's no rule
in this
it begin with a kiss
boys out to win this
wanna carry her to bed
while her lips are very red
see a girl they pull one
because girls are full of fun
from the hood street
be good to eat”
she's the hot type
and not ripe
like green peaches
on dream beaches
she can reach for the sun
oh her panties are so hot
“OK BOO plenty wine
and many times
he think about you
and no doubt do
the right thing
and wear NIKE
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