Black Poetry : “SO LOOK BOO you have panties and cake and like candidates you enter into lively debates, let my sta

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    “SO LOOK BOO you have panties and cake and like candidates you
    enter into lively debates, let my stats rip and like catnip a kitty do
    eat rap to a true beat and boo you sweet, I have a photograph
    of my loco staff they taint scripture and paint pictures and draft
    words for a speech and boo your body curves really reach my
    emotions around this Virginia Beach ocean a boy can only try
    to get some, have fun as a singer words aimed like a gunslinger
    shoot straight at some cute cake a target for my carpet a swinger
    from day one, have a social opportunity in a local community so boo
    my crib up the street have to live and eat nice scenery no puny view
    got class and raw have to be fast on the draw to get ahead and wet
    the bed in a love affair, rub your hair while we make love and yet
    breaking to the club for a slow dance in romance and a chance to increase
    the peace while eating a REESE PEANUT BUTTER CUP love never cease”
    “OK PLAYER I'm all for this but one small kiss could start a rock slide
    and make my thing hot inside and I won't know what to do, we ride
    down a whack street and end up in the backseat with you going crazy
    on it yelling baby boo and stuff you may break the dashboard while my gravy
    cake get smashed in your Ford, and corn beef hash never ignored it's bravery
    when I start to flirt it's art work booty move a cutie approved beauty
    get lubed as eye candy I keep brown pie handy in case a boy's duty
    is to get a wet slice, in December I was alert remember I worked in
    a cafeteria with a staff superior I had cleaned the floor started a flirt then
    it gleamed galore was peace at work wore a bodice and skirt color red
    for boys I was butter and bread so they clutter my head and spread
    sweet talk to my ears I can't go anywhere and far as sex plenty there
    many want me to share my cake, but have to be aware of fakes and care
    about who I give it to have to live true but anyway got a plenty to say
    you may have tall codes but all roads lead to Rome you wanna play
    proceed to my home rap fine and trap my mind my thoughts overlap
    sometime and when I come to a boy be yelling and going crazy bedspread
    be on the floor no way I can escape this he jest get cake and kiss my head
    be so messed up got my breast sucked now ready to jest duck he jest tore
    it up and broke the headboard I couldn't say anything oh my emotions soar
    lotion galore rubbed on my thighs he loved my pies oh he smashed it plain
    simple and raw had a dimple in my jaw thought his house was a temple but
    naw, but anyway back to my restaurant job many facts involved gave kid a cup
    of milk had a fine butt dressed in silk breast built there rest the milk serve
    folks body curves smoke in other words hope to find a job better I deserve
    that, really need a lover and all this little boy throws a rubber ball hits
    my shoulder and wait he gets bolder smile pour milk on the floor will admit
    this hit a nerve got my butter involved through the milk see another job
    I jumped up and dive through the floor, arrived at this hospital's doorknob
    I enjoy thugs but this boy dressed in scrubs kissed my lips right there and
    I couldn't go anywhere I thought I was headed for a nursing career not my plan
    to be rehearsing here sweaty and complex getting ready for sex with a boy
    oh he jest got my tongue right there he was sprung I was aware this annoy
    a girl oh I was so hot down there he jest got my tongue, at home I roam
    about comb out and do up my hair, but this CENTURA dream alone is strong
    and hard to swallow, they done it again I stand annoyed an alarmed in this
    boy's arm not ready to enjoy a storm of kisses wanna duck my head at risk
    but one more phat kiss and my thighs gonna fly open because my pie already // smoking, this legal and a feeble plot to get my thing in bed throw up confetti //
    oh gosh we kissed dress flew up he missed and poked a hole in the wall wow
    I was ready to come out of this dream before he get some cream and somehow
    he would break the bed, I must escape can't trust my cake to him so I woke up
    he almost got some, still in the cafeteria CENTURA GOT ME AGAIN (THE END)
    Tonight brisk, a slight risk of a kiss that can turn
    Your life around and plus you have nice pound cake brings concern
    Ready to get laid bring the confetti and parade love your body type
    A hottie with hype we can be newlyweds and truly the bed awaits
    Your cake girl you can make the world spin again for real take
    Me as your boyfriend use words of affection and verbs with direction
    Body curves a direct reflection of what love is and boo your collection
    Of beauty and booty as a cutie is fantastic never plastic it’s the real
    Deal now you know how I feel so let me peal your peach and we can wheel
    in Virginia Beach, look at your butt and skirt first my thinking
    Work up a thirst need water a tall glass fall fast in love jest winking
    My eye and thinking about pie, most my rhymes I post online linking
    To ghost sometime like JENIFER LOVE HEWITT but for now a beginner
    At TAYLOR DO IT, FAIRFIELD SHOPPING CENTER, boo hair is a winner
    Hips hopping cute and boys trip wanna be knocking the boots think tuff
    Love you strongly boo if only you let me kiss your lips and see stuff”
    And be like PUFF DADDY AND MASE “been around the world” enough
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