Black Spirituality Religion : “Obey Thy Ten Commandments, Or Else”:

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May 31, 2004
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In my post #13 there are questions that Auset333 can answer that will clarify her Catholic perception of Hell as apposed to our Egyptian ancestral perception of Hell (Tuat).

Let Auset333 answer those questions, otherwise I can only assume that she had no idea that the Egyptian ancestral view of Heaven and Hell in no way supports the modern day Catholic view.

Instead of addressing these questions she response with, “Which Osiris are you speaking of”.

This type of response tells me the person is either completely void of the actual Egyptian recordings of Osiris or they are playing the evasion game.

I already know their program from the way she has translated “Isis” to “Auset”. There was only one Egyptologist that is responsible for the “Auset” translation, E. A. Wallis Budge.

Wallis Budge did some excellent works but how dare these people plagiarize his works then try to claim themselves as being the originators of it and how dare they try to turn E. A. Wallis Budge into a Black Revolution when E. A. Wallis Budge was a white European who tried to suggest the Pyramid Builders were Caucasians.

Founder of the Ausar Auset Society.

Peace and Love.

Goddess Auset333

Feb 9, 2007
Beloved MP:

This will be my last reply to you, because Divine truth Knowers, have no time to deal with those who will not be able to reason with someone that clearly admit that the Ancient Doctrine referred to as Egyptian, is Egyptian Religion.

The Honorable Chancellor William clearly shared with us who the Egyptians are, anytime you confine your effort in pretense of knowing the Divine Truth to that of the Era of, say from 3100 to 3000 BC, claiming that period of Time is about Egypt and Egyptian Religion, then the information is some what flawed, because of the way God is portrayed to be a Living Corporeal Being.

The revelation on the various Deities have been given, and I am not out to convert anybody, just to Remind Black People about Information concerning GOD, Universe, and the Black Life, and how the Three are Woven together, entwined to be as One as they intersect with each other, by the Divine Energy of the God Essence.

Anybody can come alone and disagree either from the state of their mind confusion, or from the limitation of their Mind Rotely espousing only that which they have read about God and from what we refer to as the Egyptian perspective.

Black people need to have the Divine Truth presented to them in such a way they have not heard before, in other words, we need the Lost/forgotten Divine Information presented to us again, coming from the Direct revelation that our First way ancestors Reveal to those of us who now in the process of retaining our divine Mind.

Black People need our Primative Divine Information, that which is not Classified nor is categorized using Human Beings version of God, Universe and our Black Life.

It is shown that the doctrine of Egyptian Religion is a very diverse and sorted one, all because of the Diverse Ethnic Groups that have shared the capacity of being the Pharaoh of that place we refer to as Egypt.

Such a Title, even evolved to mean and assume the status of being gods.

I remain firm in that which I share and, one can either accept or reject and to further engage those who are out to just make a name for themselves and/or to show what a good rote Student they are about that which is referred to as Egyptian Religion, well if that is enough for them, then so be it, but it is wrong to portray such an Egyptian Religion as if it is the Panacea of all Theological Thought, then so be it, I will continue to share what our First way Ancestors are revealing to me.

There is Only One God Essence and that God has no Name other than the Names we Mortals assign to IT and God Speak not, nor Choose Not, It Just Remain to be that Eternal Infinite Intelligent Energy that Cause all things To Be and Not To Be and our responsibility is to that God Energy and not IT to Us Mortal Beings, some Divine and some is not.

IsIs have (Ten thousand names)

Divine Unique Creative Thinkers rebuke me if I err.

There i sno confusion in:

Order :SuN030:
Balance :SuN030:


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May 31, 2004
Eye of Amma

If you want to see where the Egyptian ideology comes from seek out the Dogon Song. The Dogon Song seems to be the proven source of all religious thought. The Dogon say they were the first to inhabit the land we called Egypt today.

Did you know the Eye of Osiris concept is a corrupted derivative from the Dogon Song that was originally referred to as the Eye of Amma? It is Sirius and the Dogon say all the Universe evolves around it and it represents Amma’s Eye as IT watches us from IT’S realm or “behind the door”.

Peace and Love

Clyde C Coger Jr

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Nov 17, 2006
In the Spirit of Sankofa! *Atheism*

Goddess Auset333 said:

“Obey Thy Ten Commandments, Or Else”:

There are many Christians and Jews who demand that the Ten Commandments should be displayed in public institutions. In my opinion it is only fair that if the commandments are to be displayed, so should the penalties for breaking those commandments. Matter of fact they should be posted in its entirety so that society can see just what kind of crap these religions are feeding us. I also encourage those of you Judeo/Christians who visit here to print out this very list and post it where your children can see it. It’s time you explain to them what a murderous, unjust god you brainwash them into worshiping...In Conclusion:

Christians and Jews should post the commandments up in their parochial schools and in their churches/temples. But, if they insist on doing so they should print out this very page and hang it up for all to see. Don’t be a half-*** religionist; educate your children on what God truly commands. Stop thriving on telling half truths about your Bible/Pentateuch and publish the WHOLE story. Most importantly, do not think you have the right to post them in public institutions. It is MY job to educate MY child. Children need to learn the true meaning of love, compassion, morality, forgiveness and mercy. Not the filthy dogmas your Jehovah commands. Quite frankly, in comparison to hell-fire and damnation I’ll stick with Big Bird.

Beloved Goddess Auset333, Atheism?

This post will not address the contents: “Obey Thy Ten Commandments, Or Else”: but will identify the source of information you have selected. Obviously, as a Christian, I sincerely recognize the Ten Commandments as moral law and hope equally, you as well.

I must point out that “ is a non-profit web site which was developed to promote atheism by revealing the wicked truth about the Bible and religion.”
(Emphasis added)

Copied from: About

“Chris "Ali Baba" Thiefe is currently the Editor, Web-Site Designer, and author of most of the material that does not have a "by line" associated with it. Chris lives in New York and can be contacted at Editor(at)*. However, due to the large amount e-mails I can not respond to every comment in a timely manner, if at all.

None of the material on is copyrighted except for pages that have a copyright notice on them, and anyone is granted permission to use and copy the non-copyrighted material as they see fit. If you copy material, common decency says that you should include a reference to the web-site. welcomes suggestions and material to add to this web-site. Corrections, such as broken links, can also be reported to the Editor. Contact the Editor at Editor(at)*.”

While I understand your adamant position against the Bible, I do not believe you espouse the view point of Atheism. Or do you? If so, check with Brother Osiris! I only know of one atheist here at, NeterHeru, if there are others; they have not come out of the closet.

The psychology of Atheism demonstrates a vested interest in denying the existence of God who claims moral authority over our lives. Therefore, we should be extremely careful when we use such terms as “Nature” and “Freethinker,” since these are tied in a belief toward atheism.

Moreover, world renowned atheist, Dr. Anthony Flew has dropped Atheism for “Intelligent Design.” See excerpts below:

“In early December of 2004 the world renowned atheist author Dr. Antony Flew at age 81 astounded other atheists with his candid admission. Flew, who is an emeritus professor of philosophy at Britain's Reading University has said that the scientific evidence available to us today is overwhelmingly in favor of the existence of a creator God. Flew, who was raised Methodist became an atheist at age 15, has been an influential champion of atheism for more than fifty years. He has argued repeatedly that there was not enough evidence to support the notion of a creator. But Flew has changed his mind and now believes in God based on the scientific evidence. Flew concluded that a super-intelligence is the only plausible explanation for the origin of life and the complexity of the universe. Flew now describes himself as a deist.

Flew stated that his "whole life has been guided by the principle of ... Follow the evidence, wherever it leads." By doing this he has come to the conclusion from "biologists’ investigation of DNA ... the almost unbelievable complexity of the arrangements which are needed to produce life, that intelligence must have been involved." Flew went on to say that "It now seems to me that the findings of more than fifty years of DNA research have provided materials for a new and enormously powerful argument to design.” Yet somehow we are still unable to present this very evidence to students at all levels of the American academic system.
We now know cells are not just chemical soup as Darwin imagined, but are indeed nanotechnological systems like nothing we could have ever imagined. A hundred years from now, if the Lord tarries, the age of Darwinian evolution and the rule of naturalism in science may be viewed as the dark ages of science.”

Please accept this post in the spirit and intent in which it is given!



The Age of Aquarius
Sep 27, 2005
Healthcare Provider
Music Producer said:
Actually there is more then 10 commandments, there are about 500 commandments but evil has taught you there only about 10.

The reason evil does this is because the Specific Commandments of GOD are in place mechanisms to help humans resist evil, fight evil or word off evil.

The Commandments are nothing more or less. It is that simple.

Why make the path to GOD so difficult?

Also Christians and Jews are not the same and in reality the theologies are actually adversarial. There is noting in the Old Testament that supports Christianity except dark prophesy.

Like evil you are simply promoting hate of the Bible and once you get us to hate it then you can replace or destroy it. Which is the exact same thing Christians do with the Old Testament until they figured out they couldn’t, thus they started convincing people of things it don’t say, like only 10 commandments.

Peace and Love.

There [are] 613.
However their esteric value was culled from the 42 laws of ma'at...!

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