Black Poetry : “NAW PLAYER like the twinkle in eyes you wanna wrinkle my pies after you sprinkle lies in my ears y

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    “NAW PLAYER like the twinkle in eyes you wanna wrinkle my pies after
    you sprinkle lies in my ears you plan to trip using manuscript and master
    the art of love talk and in the club I'm caught dreaming, but not a disaster
    like a teacher I accept flowers and this help powers my love emotions
    as I rub lotions on my thighs while wild vibes play on the CD in potions
    this is HIPHOP from the tiptop and it rip shop like renovation and devotion
    come forth while on a dumb course to have sex let me grab the kotex
    your mind have true scars like the design of new cars there are hang ups
    your slang corrupt and you wanna bang my brown cupcake dang prenupts
    in effect, I remember I was home alone in a gown walking around with
    panties on, oh and my pancakes was hot a lot and syrupy brown and swift
    like a stop at IHOPP or the waffle house on INDIAN RIVER ROAD jest lift
    my skirt and that's all she wrote there be hope for sex to explode get my drift
    so I'm into HIPHOP and wearing flip flops and boys with plots from the hood
    sometimes not good in any manner and plenty bandanas get tied and should
    be loosen, too much bling and no such thing as easy sex there are consequences
    so us girls are alert on how boys worlds work, candy curls and flirts convinces
    them to buy flowers, oh wow the doorbell ring nowadays can't ignore a thing
    the heart of love is like a spark plug it fires from the friction of ignition the king
    of motor sex a tool of correction could lead to fuel injection a CHICKEN WING
    kING exist boys be licking my thing and reminisce amazing they tongue never
    miss I be so hot down there, giving friction to my living condition it clever
    to duck cases like this luck and laces are brisk and wet lips not even kissed
    yet, wearing a gown with mad breasts and make a bad guess on boys it twist
    my wrist and put me on a list of quick hitters and slick twitters and stuff
    well I best answer the door before he or she leaves and sure enough a boy
    with pure stuff and a mad thirst gone from bad to worse oh he wanted to toy
    with my body and enjoy the party perhaps romance but no lap dance he looked
    into my round eyes then my brown thighs and hound my pies he was so shook
    and wanted some bad, this boy is mad clever but I've had better it sad whenever
    a girl have turn a boy down even with a phat pie can't satisfy them all the levers
    don't sit still and they git to fill your head with all the lovy dovy junk they talk
    so hey I walk away from some, my body soar smoking, door open I'm caught
    daydreaming and in a way he's scheming to try and get some wet pie taught
    how to rap to chicks, have to be aware of what's going on down there bought
    new panties and they wet already and I get sweaty kissing and listening to boys
    my body not missing the toys that they play with he jest reminiscing enjoys
    the sight,

    “my raps phat and about to blow up you should've snap chat me that do-nut
    now I'm on the doormat but no luck yet, now lost for words my flow stuck
    have a dumb grin but boo can I come in” “OK but no way you gonna pull
    this off” I was at home and wrong a song on the radio differ he pull the wool
    over my eyes with his love talk I got lips and pies but to be hypnotize BY sweet
    sayings I'm asking for it, this affair came like an airplane it's a runway keep
    him here have fun today far as boys some say this event could jest sweep
    my street clean, oh I was so hot down there I couldn't go anywhere my pride
    thicken and like fried chicken he wanted to be licking my body and try slide
    in the skins and that's when the ride begin, oh patty cake it's best I hide
    oh my breast poke he jest joke made me laugh a lot he said if I kiss his
    lips he would lose his mind I didn't know what to say, spoke like a wiz
    “boo like a love fireman I'll rescue your hot breasts too and climb ladders
    and rhyme about matters I can fire hose your desire for a rose and scatter
    your topsoil girl you so hot and spoil girl you're a heavy date and I'm ready
    for cake, I stand with game and will plan a campaign then fan the sweaty
    flames of success, my aim is to impress you boo lubed my path improved
    my math we can groove in the bathtub I'll soap your back rub it smooth
    girl you got class and hot like a female astronaut can sail to the moon
    and still prevail in perfume I jest hush and blushed as the love presumed
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