Black Poetry : “My plan is to storm lyrical and transform materials like heat from a torch while I eat porch peanuts, now see a brown chick I will go downtown quick


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May 11, 2006
“My plan is to storm lyrical
and transform materials
like heat from a torch
while I eat porch
peanuts, now see a brown chick
I will go downtown quick
dressed in a mini-skirt
bra and panties go berserk
over her beauty when she flirt
we can work it out with a date ahead
dang cake in bed that's enough said'
“NAW PLAYER I'm fine and alive
like a nine-five
office job, no jive
I will survive
my lace fried in the club
this is a place occupied by love
oh my panties are hot
oh a BROWN SOUL SISTA have a lot
on her plate, I'm a cute with thighs
and you in pursuit of a prize”
“girl jump in my coupe be recognize
some say this art is whack
but it stop folks like a heart attack
dead in their tracks
NAW PLAYER I was in one boy car
and he wanted some we was far
from home its dumb to be alone
in this case boys will chase lace
listening to a whack beat
and kissing on the backseat
its fun to be rolling cute
and like bag of stolen loot
it pays off so this boy kissed my lips
while I was in his whip
HE SAID “boo I wanna sniff your pie vapor”
and to the left stood a skyscraper
I flow with desire
like the glow of a fire
this throw heat and require
gasoline you a class queen
its time to make a circle
and be great like Urkel
as the calamity scatters
then there's family matters”
he gave her waist a phat squeeze
and she was at ease
a change in direction
could lead to strange affection”
SHE SAID: you have to rearrange protection
and wear a rubber or face rejection
look I'm a female spoil
and use some whale oil
to make spermaceti candles
the bright light handles
the night when I'm home
alone and mom gone I'm known
to be wet and boys come to get
some have to duck a lot a threat
have to lock the door right now
in this car I'm a feeble girl somehow
in a legal world of sex can't stand or kneel
his hand feel the soft lips in sex appeal
he talk soft rub my thighs
and he loved my eyes
my ears plugged with lies
“LOOK BOO I'm here with stats
like career diplomats
and your hips are phat
and now your skirt is up
you can only flirt with luck
at this point it'll hurt to duck”
but you alert aw shucks
NAW PLAYER I have pie and proceed with lace
but boys come running like a high speed chase
to get pie today
off my highway
I try stay but my panties are hot”
he looked at her breasts couldn't stop
kissing her pudding hot and reminiscing”
“aw girl give me some don't leave
me like this “I'm sorry dude” “please
boo I love you he jest got her tongue
gave her a Virginia Beach kiss so sprung
now she dizzy he so busy the vapor
from my lips can tear paper into strips
his goal was to undress her
and have fun with her breast and stir
oceans of emotions by sucking them
at this point no ducking him
oh he jest got her tongue
she started moving her thing around
as chained bling hung down
aw girl I don't wanna cum
he gave her a passionate kiss
couldn't miss her lips a list
of things happened her panties
flew off it was a sudden alert
when he unbutton my skirt
to see my breasts
and they be the best
HE SAID “aw boo give me some”
he gave me a tonguing kiss
when I awaken
he was taking
my dress and panties off
“boo your candies so soft”
he jumped right between my thighs
and started to pump my cream pies
a boy then dominate
when he concentrate
just to satisfy
a girl's phat pie
in the club I'm spoil
this could make a girl's blood boil
I start talking off the top of my head
and my lips hot and red
oh a flight of stirs
involved in tonight affairs
out of sight nothing compares
a girl's pie is fed
when it occupy the bed
oh a search in the library
as much as necessary
to find sex books more than enough
this boy swore not to huff and puff
oh this is a party scene
and my body steams
really concern about the vapor
probably gonna write a term paper
oh a miserable kiss
has considerable risk
oh a tight skirt and lace
at the right workplace
run a boy nuts

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