Black Poetry : “LOOK BOO love your eyes got mellow vibes on cd so jump in my ride quick wanna see them yellow thig

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    “LOOK BOO love your eyes got mellow vibes on cd so jump in my ride quick
    wanna see them yellow thighs, wearing wet perfume lets go to my room a chick
    like you deserve more I let my words soar in the form of love talk, I'm in a groove
    strange ready to smooth and arrange steps my life ready to accept a wife won't lose
    your good sweetness that could be a weakness so I wouldn't sweep this under a rug
    so boo I got a sparkling drop in the parking lot for me and you I hear thunder and love
    aw girl you fine and flirting and it's time for curtains I'm the kind hurting for some
    you live to strut butt and should give it up you know how we do, boo your cake is soft
    and I will take my shoes off before I enter for dinner that's oriental custom toss
    panties on the headboard, now we at the MILLER MART and you an oriental cutie
    and it's my essential duty in Virginia Beach is to take you home I think you fine
    we can drink wine, my career is abandon only here at random folks asinine
    but still there's hope for wine and girl you have a dope mind so are you PHILIPINE?
    'nope, how about CHINESE “nope I'm KOREAN” ok boo I'm out to thrill a queen
    dang girl you prevail with hips and lips like the sails on ships boo your love seem
    to blow with the wind, boo your code is nice like your mode of life and I have
    a load of rice in the trunk of my car we can go dance to the funk at the bar grab
    a Champaign bubbly get our **** aim ugly for the bed, my feelings and passions
    are revealing fashions things can get rocky with some Saki or Seoul jU sea rations
    eating out of mess gear and girl your breasts sincere it best we leave here my car
    awaits your cake, pantie lace all green and like a baseball team boo I'm out in far
    right field with this and tonight a real kiss can set it off because you thing so wet
    and soft I'll get to toss panties in the air” “ok my thing itch no doubt but hey let
    you pitch a shut out this party legit but nobody gits a hit so survive wet but who gets
    to drive my Corvette? you really trying to get some for real” “ I feast bold and cease
    to control my emotion for a KOREAN CHICK it's simply nice like KIMCHEE increase
    the rice I stand abashed need to plan fast wanna hold her hand and smash it at lease
    hold off until bedtime and have some red wine don't deal with deadlines a fleece
    from a lamb turn into a coat boo your menu is dope, my bling glow ready to swing
    low like Tarzan and GEICO pick up a chick quick and yell in her ears and cling
    to her waist yeah me TARZAN YOU JANE a true dame for my tree house bring
    that “Jungle Boogie” like KOOL AND THE GANG” “ well you talk fly but like
    SYBIL best to “Walk on By” you try get my real wet cake yeah a cup of hype
    love” boo don't abate my pride let me give you a great ride we take a glide
    to my crib, one kiss can produce the juice that exist to reminisce can't hide
    love it'll get your thighs rube licked and love quick to the club we'll go collide
    with drinks I bet the wet insides of your thing is pink pies let me wink my eyes
    we can eat some chajong myon with black gravy this is whack and crazy your thighs
    will be open thrilled and coping with love choking on a mug of beer there's love up
    in here, at this Virginia Beach MILLER MART so boo you got body, class right butt
    nice how was the party last night?” “well a good time was had boys came with hood
    lines mad, my ears got bang couldn't hear a thang, sincere Ebonics slang hard like wood
    everything raw and groovy we went saw a movie, then this boy wanted to get between
    my thighs where the cream pies lies oh he jest tries to hard them lies scars a queens
    memory this and a kiss was a nice scene then went had ice cream but his wish
    was to have my dish he jest kiss my yellow red lips right there in the store my brisk
    banana split had his bandana lit up like a Christmas tree, and I was on his love list
    he jest took me to his car my yellow thighs were wet that's how pies get then he said
    boo lets head to the bed, oh my my lemon pie was so hot down there and yellow red
    lips perked like coffee have cake galore couldn't take anymore he was cumming with
    the tonguing a KOREAN GIRL go through a lot, boys be out for kisses rumbling swift
    through love words, I've been in trouble but it begin to double when a mess around and lift
    my min-skirt they jest go crazy trying to get some, one boy got so much of his tongue down
    his throat he almost choked I was so wanting to end this that begin with a kiss and this ice cream
    won't cool off the steam it gonna melt and he wanna help by getting some I dreamed
    about this oh gosh I barely escaped with cake I slam the door and left that was close
    he almost got it, and my panties get so wet from time to time thought I saw a ghost
    up under my but not my thing was just hot a lot what's a girl to do? My body roast

    THE END:

    I adorn you I was born to get wet dates with cakes thrown
    in it's an unknown trend, and my words flown in the wind and wow gone
    winging like RHODAN I think no man has kissed your lips before understand?
    we can chow for dinner just allow me to enter your love world we can
    go to the club girl love your dress want accessed to your breasts oh yes
    we can do some stuff, and at my place I have space for phat lace best
    we leave this place and let me squeeze your waist lets face it we belong
    together forever and never break apart the cake just a start so its on
    girl you dame smoking and your door remain open let me use a key
    you amuse me girl you got strange game may have to change train and be
    all aboard like the tall sword of ZORRO and tomorrow steal a kiss
    your lips pink and fiery and I must think highly of you boo and reminisce
    you're a deft queen with self esteem I bet you left cream in the bed this
    morning what's a man to do my plan must include you but need a red kiss
    you got cake boo that I can relate to and a plate is a true touch soon need
    a spoon of perfume and a CD tune and boom the moon will proceed
    to shine while love feed my mind, shook for days when I look and gaze
    at your body curves no party in words could explain a dame that stays
    with booty, shook and dazed how boys look and gazed at your body
    no err with regard to fact its a hard act just to pull a chick at a party
    somehow it's fun if you allow a kiss to be done to your pink lips for real
    boo, I'll be true bait if you agree to a date for some cake so “Make me Feel
    Brand New” like the STYLISTICS when I try to kiss it girl you know the deal
    cake on the menu is fine but take into mind that I could be your boyfriend boo
    “Just me and You” like TONY, TONI, TONE not a phony female and its true
    love the ponytail you truly wet like Juliet let down your hair, girl your body
    hot like sick flames and you should adopt a nickname how about that loti dotty
    wear tight bling and do the right thing like SPIKE AND MIKE stuff get spotty
    I could go to the GRAPEVINE and escape with wine but need cake all the time
    so you in a mini-skirt boo and there's plenty work to do and like WINNIE
    THE POO I bark a lot and it start hot from a prowl and a howl like JACK BENNY
    got ROCHESTER to help out, so boo I wanna bounce on beds and trounce on red
    lipstick while my tongue is sprung, I dreamed up this scheme it's extreme in the head
    boo you rush to flirt while I take brushwork and paint wood this ain't the hood doe
    Standing in front of Indian River Road and could deliver the goods by the load tow
    truck just passed a bus almost crash can't trust the trash I hear so I stay on the go
    to find a chick, like MICHAEL JACKSON its a :Thriller” after dark right here
    at the MILLER MART in Virginia Beach and that's how we roll and that's clear
    see a chick with class I stick fast like crazy glue and girlfriend you got gravy
    too so like mud on a shoe I wanna hug you got job and involved so not lazy
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