Black Poetry : “Got facts like an army but a lack of harmony I'm local and wise and really have to vocalize to express my thought my breasts are sought after by boys


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May 11, 2006
“Got facts like an army
but a lack of harmony
I'm local and wise
and really have to vocalize
to express my thought
my breasts are sought
after by boys I ought
to hide a boy bought
me a rose I was caught
thinking about sex
while dressed in a min-skirt
bra and panties and plenty alert
oh my thing wet and soft
this could set off
emotions can get lost
into oceans of love cost
a lot, come corrupt just
to drum up a better way
to say stuff it helps today
I'm a sexy PHILIPINE girl
I've seen the world
my lips glow so bright
a boy will know by sight
if he flow may get pie tonight
a FILIPINO CHICK go through
a lot in VIRGINIA BEACH true
I'm tall and fine
and that call to mind
when I was wit this boy
in high school he try toy
and really that guy annoy
me” “SO LOOK BOO you
have a phat flirt
and your hips at work
they move with pride
and groove from side to side
Really feel you
and I have a great deal to do
girl you up to snuff on the flirt
but I have enough work
really need some wet cake
so boo let me take
you to my crib, my scribe phat
because I arrive at
conclusions not a jive cat”
“NAW PLAYER we stay in class
let the day pass time go by fast
how long will my pie last?
here talking to you have to pass
this test but you wanna kiss and bless
my breasts, I'm so hot under my dress
wow I should”n show up
with a do-nut
this delicious
boys become suspicious
on school ground
and wanna fool around”
“OK boo your cake and lips red today
and I wanna slip and make headway
to your bedroom today” “no way Hosea”
“I send cool text
because I'm schooled in sex
some school rules are vexed
so boo lets do homework together”
NAW PLAYER I'm alert but never
you blast lyrics
during class period
I can't listen to this
he started kissing so brisk
and begging for some
talking about “baby please
“girl you got a sweet butt”
he hurl words I had to speak up
yeah you want cake and romance
and willing take a chance
oh too late this dance
is over, gave me a naked glance
girl you got them Filipino thighs

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