Black Poetry : “Drink a glass of water pick up mic do a fast slaughter come to a place that's major see girl with


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May 11, 2006
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“Drink a glass of water
pick up mic do a fast slaughter
come to a place that's major
see girl with some broader lace and flavor
I play dumb with my behavior,
look boo your breasts convince
and I've become less intense
a true date in the making your cake bake
now baking need to talk to
my pride misled
and it's widespread
lets ride in my red
drop top this is BLACK HIP HOP
we'll stop a lot when we head non-stop
for home, got love and pride
have to let subside my
hormones are jumping
got a love Jones pumping
in my brain alone
is not the key, now this is Black Hip Hop in VIRGINIA BEACH
this is witty and graphic
like the city traffic
stuff reach the streets twist
so boo give me a sweet kiss
and we go from there
so become aware
got my thumbs up and don't care
some boys try rap to you
don't get trapped boo
and perhaps a few
beg girl your cake fries and hurl
while I make eyes at girls
my lap is where you sit don't close your thighs
expose them pies”
NAW PLAYER “ I'm a Puerto Rician girl panties wet never dries
yet many endeavors make my panties tired no tries
to sleep as a kid remember
in mid-September
the temp dipped ducks fly
wanna flip your luck get pie
going south boys
knowing I'm in the house
alone so I lock the door
play Hip Hop galore,
an ocean in store?
now a boy knock my emotions soar
juice pour in my underwear
couldn't ignore down there
some got juice in their scriptures
that produce pictures
try slam
with diagrams
and fry ham
for breakfast
season legit grits and eggs flow fact
lights camera action with KODAK
rap hot
with every snapshot,
I remember I sit in one boy lap
that's when they git to rap
very clear in my dear listening ear
he was kissing sincere
gee I was scary and very alert
dressed in a mini-skirt
plenty of work
boys see Puerto Rician chocolate
they be like a freaking rocket
be wanting to splash down
kiss my lips wanna smash my brown
cherries to be had, when they go downtown
my sweet pies is satisfaction
and give rise to and action
a real phenomenon is suspense
boys must use their common sense
boys try speak
they want pie for a week
I jest strut butt and they be like
“hold up girl you look like CARDI-B
lets go to HAR-DEE
buy chips and drinks”
“OK I got hips and my thing is pink
and your bling make me think
got some kinks in your game doe, your groove clearer
but you wanna move nearer
and try kiss my lips I got to stay loose
you wanna play with my juice
no excuse not to duck this
oh Puerto Rician girls go through a lot
and our bodies do get hot
in VIRGINIA BEACH now trapped in a drop top
and this boy rap is hot
he want my menu and lace
into a place
called bed hot where quilts and sheets
await his body built to get deep
in my cake sweaty and ready
make an escape,
or this boy is gonna take some cake
he could be waiting for sex that never came confetti
is missing “aw girl you got Spanish lips
make my mind vanish and flip
girl you got sweaty thighs ready to rip
the skies kiss my lips sugar and sweat drips
then got my tongue
he was so sprung for some
it's best I leave this place
but he squeezed my waist
and said boo I love you fine and brisk
a girl can't resist this kind of kiss