Black People : “Chicagoland” Hero Cops Cook Books to Make Murders Disappear, CNN Pretends Not To Notice

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    by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon
    Chicagoland, the 8 part CNN campaign commercial falsely claims teacher pay and pensions have
    drove the city to fiscal ruin, that big league stadiums are job creators, that massive school closings are
    good for the city, and Chicago cops have lowered the murder rate. Except they haven't. Real Chicago
    journalists have revealed Chicago cops cooked the books to make dozens of murders disappear. CNN
    missed that, and is still missing it.

    Chicagoland is a fake “documentary” an 8 part miniseries length campaign commercial currently
    airing on CNN. It's a commercial for Obama's former chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, a character many
    say was only elected mayor of Chicago because Obama personally came back to town to lay hands on

    Chicagoland is produced by the same right wing hack outfit that produced Brick City, a similar
    commercial pretending to be a documentary for Corey Booker in his re-election bid for mayor in
    Newark a few years ago. Rahm Emanuel's bid for re-election is only months away, and like Corey
    Booker he is reputed to have ambitions beyond City Hall.

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