Black Poetry : “Boo you a fine

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    “Boo you a fine image must cross the line of scrimmage
    You look tall we can play foot-ball score in lineage
    To love connected and smart expected to play a part
    We could wreck beds after dark throw kisses like darts
    At your lips so bulls-eye my bed full of pie need carts
    To haul it away could take all day kiss your lips my heart
    Stray and fall in love, fun true laces in one or two
    Places, perfume great lets communicate and really do
    What folks do I hope to get to know you later down?
    The road got a 100 pound load of sweetness, crown
    You queen so much brown cream I can only lie down
    And dream must anoint my mind at a point in time
    At which a hat itch exists, but my finger joints are fine
    If befriended I’ll leave but intended to achieve a divine
    Love affair, can’t terminate my behavior to concerned
    Over your cake flavor that make major stuff be confirmed
    I’m Grinning girlfriend from beginning to end, been
    On a true route throughout this love affair when
    Possible, because you have magnificent laces in
    Many different places, got tall pride on all sides
    When my wheels spinning, feels I’m winning rides
    Sitting close together getting toast or whatever but
    Never leaving you and squeezing boo jest clever luck
    My facts above the rim and nice little imprecise but
    Fairly close I can barely boast about prior dates boo
    You an incredible cute sweet like edible fruit a true
    Chick body brew quick and softly like coffee “so let
    Me sip your wet lips girl; grip your world, really bet
    You get hot a lot; boo I take on duties just to get
    Cake from cuties that have great booties, kneel
    For butters and kiss, yield to another’s wish sex appeal
    Lips soften they know best but you often in protest
    Over a date, must escape the stereo type and jest rest
    My soul scarred so no holds barred like Hulk Hogan
    We can wrestle, tussle and hustle love is a bulk slogan
    It mess up heads it appears, make lovers shed tears
    Over pain and rage have to stay on the same page clear
    With a dame so boo what’s your name? Wait you got
    Wet breasts let me guess gonna take a crazy aim is it
    MARY JANE need to talk to GABRIEL new TV hit


    “You see my cake and breasts now you make a request
    That’s difficult to fulfill the iffy results thrills you best
    If it happens after some legit rapping, your tall quotes
    Bring a wall of smokes jest hope they not all jokes
    That would be a boring thing I’ll end up ignoring
    Your bling your words soaring to bring some adoring
    You cum pouring kisses on my lips have to duck my head
    Or get stuck in the bed with you and then be so misled
    Wanna drop the top have fun today in your ride
    You want my hot spot I best run away and try hide
    Because I realize with pies every infidel
    Want some and will be doing very well
    If they get the chance for a wet romance
    So you wanna take me to some remote place
    Talk sweet stuff to me then smoke my lace
    You wanna be brave and self-assured
    Love talk is deft and cured and I’m allured
    You’re wetting my pie and getting by with sweet
    Words and deep verbs and my body curves unique
    Admit you have love talk and strong pride
    But feel I’m jest along for the ride
    I withdraw my hug never fed raw love before takes
    Some getting used to my thing loose stew on cakes
    Travel around town just to unravel clowns while
    The gravel drown the sound of my car tires its wild
    Rap menu spins not a lapse into sin or a fall from
    Virtue this all nurture the reality of life so I come
    Here cutting rhymes because of the sudden decline
    Of strength just because my line length is short time
    To let my hummer smoke a number of folks don’t like
    My rims and because I wear all types of Tims awight
    They wanna step on my toe but whoa I bought these at
    The shoe store and a few adore them for real so my stats
    Grows like phat afros it can get hairy, never thirst for friction
    Still find myself in reversed positions this is first edition
    Like KENNY RODGERS plenty dodgers of the truth restrictions
    In their brains, and like JEAN DIXON love make keen predictions
    If we had an affair in the club you’ll try give me an
    Affectionate bear hug, jest takes my breath away stand
    Kissing your lips have to come to grips that’s your plan
    Huh? This is as much fun as it gets so am I considered
    Number one yet? In the hummer you get to kiss the glitter
    Off my lips and rub my soft hips, but your words don’t
    Come across leaving me dumb and lost but it probably won’t
    Cost you a date you wanna toss my cake on a plate too late
    For that doe, my answer is a big phat no but we can debate
    After you inflate your game I hate to sound lame that creates
    A problem oh well maybe something crazy could happen
    After all the good rapping, my thoughts are overlapping
    “Let’s jest kiss and say goodbye” like the MANHATTANS”

    My body is dope oh yes you need a plan
    So stand, hope and cope as best you can
    Like a flower I hurry and sprout and not
    Worry about what boys gonna say too hot
    To trot you got words and stuff that flow
    And stampede my ears like a herd of buffalo
    You wanna dame that’s fine and my train
    Is on time like clockwork my hot skirt tame
    The mind of boys, your love talks hot and legit
    Guess your lap is best spot to sit oh stop it!
    You really want some huh? In the parking lot
    Your car glow but far as I know you want sex
    In the backseat, want me to throw my complex
    Panties in the air with candies to spare and next
    Go to bed because my lips oh so red, I let my wet
    Stats rest and at best your words burn my ears you let
    My gourmet food delay your attitude so it’s a sure bet
    You want some, grab a plate have cake hey jest forget
    That, you come with hood rap and now I need a good
    Nap; see worlds and three girls ahead of me I should
    Leave playboy in a way you annoy me but I tolerate
    Some stuff wants my tongue you wanna huff and puff
    “You have a skimpy plan and may end up
    Empty-hand, I’m smart like a queen
    But heart ripped apart at the seams
    Love affairs grow and rise
    And hug the airs of marriage no surprise
    They’re phat and nice
    But remain at a price
    Try be sweet with no flaws
    Need to greet with loud applause
    Fact is garbage can wreck the skies
    Of love so acknowledge and recognize
    You cry out for pie no doubt and try
    Be about love wanna kiss thoughts fly
    Blind facts leads to an undersign act
    Plenty fish in the ocean many wish for
    Potions of love motion in the club are
    Strong beat and gone to the street with HIP
    HOP and my lips are hot ready to flip
    My tongue in a boy’s mouth while he
    Toys with my blouse so hot can’t even see
    Got swell pride and well supplied with love
    You tried to hug my waist while at the club
    Like HIP HOP this affair in full things and
    Boys pull things out of hats like magicians can
    Call these act WHODINI’S not as Jeanie legal
    But like BEANIE SEGAL I can feel it feeble
    In the air, wanna go dance and jumping in the club
    I could end up like BEYONCE drunken in love
    Crazy I become your fiancé need to talk to JAY-Z
    And BEYONCE only after you put a ring on it lazy
    Don’t cut it


    I was at this crazy WAWA and like Lady GAGA strut a lot
    Boys say my butt was hot guess boys not toys for tots
    But they can destroy a lot if a girl let them so I jest dot
    All my I’s and cross my t’s and so I’m in a mini-skirt
    To strut butt is plenty work but you can’t jest let any jerk
    Take you home must make up strong excuses why you
    Can’t go, oh well for a girl its whack to be afraid it’ll do
    You good to become a jack of all trades and let the facts
    Persuade him to stop boys have played a lot of girls exact

    It’s a world attack with love talk
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    I like this flow.
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    thanks hodee for the reply really appreciate that
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    It’s a world attack with love talk, wanna chill go home
    Could get stuck with a millstone around my neck cell phone
    Ringing it’s playing a tone while this boy is blinging and gone
    With the wind in a drop top listening to HIPHOP if I was in
    There he’ll be kissing me a lot and asking for some the trend
    Continue wanna cancel my trip shopping because my HIPS
    ARE HOPPING and my head bopping can lose my grips
    they desire a girl or their entire world will fall, my pants I keep
    Stitched got a sweet itch can’t sleep at the switch a boy may sneek
    And get some, wanna begin with sex in the Lex to help complete
    their mission then in the wind and gone talking to friends
    on the phone about what just happened trust me rapping gets
    around town, this one boy is a drop top jest pump gas I bet
    he think of some junk fast I can tell he pursue girls because
    we do hurl lace and pearls with good taste a chase with flaws
    now this boy walks up start to rap and now wet he may get
    because my heart is trapped this part perhaps lead to the bedroom
    right here at WAWA so falala he won’t get far he smells perfume

    HE SAID:

    Look boo we here at WAWA
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    right here at WAWA so falala he won’t get far he smells perfume

    HE SAID:
    Look boo we here at WAWA and my car so far has the top
    Dropped in the parking lot and sparkling hot went to shop
    For armor oil so my seats slippery along with my dash still stop
    On a dime doe so it’s time we go for a ride, my luck the worse
    But first let me buy you a sub then try your love now I thirst
    So reply with a hug we can go looking fly to the club a burst
    Of happiness, hips look fine and they grip my mind and make
    It flip sometimes end up seeing little green moons on cake
    Soon to be baked and served on a plate oh girl be great
    If we create and affair your cake don’t compare to other
    Hot girls because yours rock worlds and boys want butter
    My words toss minds use boss lines and really no lost time
    you the soft kind like DIANNA ROSS fine SUPREME design
    boo you wet so lets go to my crib time to drink clean wine
    my car heavy metal and I’m ready to settle down get hitched
    know your thing wet and itch I would rather fight than switch
    tonight may write an essay about your hot body but boo Which
    Way is up? Want to stay but you wanna leave this place but
    I’m gonna squeeze your waist, tease your lace so give it up
    Boo, you a bold cute my pride tough is old boots together
    We make a soul group how about I jest kiss your lips forever
    From WAWA we can end up four wheeling in the BAHA
    Wanna recover your butter be your lover my car so far

    Is the answer
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    You know she said
    We are trend setters.
    No blame is needers.
    Think to yourself what sense does that make.
    To not blame your fake
    For what was bound to be in your making.
    Imagination of seeing what their is for the taking
    Out in is the way of figuring the phat
    To be done by me.
    Coming out empty while coming around to fein.
    You got what it takes just add for the sake of being
    Included in.
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    candeesweet thanks for the response and nice poem
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    Wanna recover your butter be your lover my car so far
    Is the answer, got some strange cake let me arrange a date
    Fall to club and install some love during a slow dance for cake
    And romance but can’t blow my chance, but boo you the winner
    For a fancy dinner we eat steak afterward I get cake when we enter
    Sure when in the club wanna a pure hug that can cure my love
    You’re a hot pink have to stop to think how it will be snugged
    Up with you and drugged by true kisses, girl like a spark plug
    You hot we can start on the rug kiss a lot jest try stay above
    The rest and I love your dress, wanna connect your utilities and
    Wreck facilities in your bedroom like headboards we hold hands
    The rest is news as I express views ready for a test cruise in
    The drop top, up to my neck in love my luck is wrecked again
    In the club if I don’t have you boo

    Yeah I’m sexy in the WAWA easily moved with a sleazy attitude
    Smoking with endurance but open to influence wet and in the mood
    For certain the flirting leave boys hurting for sex but I jest throw
    Butt and chill and I’m really uphill with this could build up doe
    A hot summer on-spot with the hummer your plot is put a cucumber
    In my garden, grow a crop my lips glow a lot want my cell number
    So you can make tall calls and talk lovey dovy boo boo on the phone
    You wanna bone and be on the phone while you home and be gone
    With wind like CLARKE GABLE my heart able to remain strong
    Wanna tease my cake so please take a slice it’s ready and proper
    Like BETTY CROCKER boys want some quick crumbs hotter
    Wanna lick their thumb my emotions which is wet and unknown
    Could set the tone for sex, struts been phat trying to hold my own
    Where will it end at maybe on a cell phone, my heart filling and
    Some parts are chilling but it killing my pride not to take a stand
    Too much of my cake in demand like it or not have to make plans
    Love search my mind as your lips touch mine then clutch the wine
    And sip a lot the juice drip drop mind flip like hot pancakes at a nine
    O’clock breakfast, my thing nightly buttered and brightly colored like
    My lipstick, wet every day I have to get away you and the WAWA hype
    Got me hot a lot, your type corrupt because you hyped up as a player
    Naw player my heart throbbing quick and like ROBBIN THICKE
    These BLURRED LINES occurred without design head bobbing quick
    To that TI and PHARRELL beat my thing itch while you rapping
    And that which happening is normal I think, but love talk is trapping
    My mind, you here with bling and it’s a mere thing we met like this
    Even though my lips are wet for a kiss just concentrate and try miss
    This true occasion it’s like crystal blue persuasion by TOMMY JAMES
    AND THE SHONDELS, don’t want to be a funny character wit bad aims
    In sunny America, I’m hot like a pop tart and sex not a part of this at
    All, my breasts strongly suggests the only access to my body is to a phat
    Party, tonight my broach says you have the right to approach me for a date
    Your love talk up-to-date but no luck in getting cake, and this could make
    Or break a boy; well anyway many say cake can change a boy overnight
    You rejected now concerned and expected to return a love soldier right?
    So in this matter you wanna kiss and scatter lipstick you can slip quick
    And fall in love like that doe; this affair is all true facts but one slick
    Word it can fall through the cracks like grain of sand this dame understand
    That you want some real bad starting to feel sad for you so what’s the plan?
    Wanna kiss my lips some and hope I have a slip of the tongue, wanna take
    Me to your crib and jive hands up give you five how I’m gonna escape?
    Drink wet rum think you gonna get some, please give me a break
    You wonder about great booties then undertake the duties of trying
    To rap up on some you see a sweet then agree to meet jest relying
    On a date for cake, you got bold passion but love talk is old fashion
    Got cake and agility you wanna take the responsibility to try ration
    My love, boys race to get lace its trend especially if placed end to
    End on a bed, lips touch at some point stiffens much of your thumb
    Joint, hard to applause even a retard with flaws will try and come
    To get some, your touch is empty not much sympathy I’m from
    The city and your leading part is to have a bleeding heart, look
    I’m a sexitary unknown let the contrary be shown now I’m shook
    Want me to be a great actress with cake on the mattress you gonna
    Try break my headboards huh?”
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    hodee thanks for the props how did I miss this