Science and Technology : ‘Ghost galaxy’ made of mysterious dark matter discovered by scientists

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    Astronomers have discovered a massive 'ghost galaxy' that’s 99.99% dark matter
    August 26, 2016

    Astronomers have found a nearby galaxy that's roughly the same mass as the Milky Way, but somehow contains less than 1 percent of its stars.


    The galaxy is so dim, it’s evaded detention for decades, and now the team behind its discovery has figured out how its lack of stars hasn’t ripped it apart - it's made from 99.99 percent dark matter.

    Dark matter is estimated to make up around 27 percent of all the mass and energy in the observable Universe, and while we can detect its gravitational force, it doesn't appear to emit any form of light or radiation that we can observe.

    Despite years of searching, we have no idea what dark matter actually is, but this invisible matter is crucial to the stability of the Universe. ​

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