Central African Republic : ‘Ethnic cleansing’ in the Central African Republic

What role does religion play in African disunity?

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Chevron Dove

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May 7, 2009
This situation is longer standing that the recent crisis in Nigeria.

On May 1, John Ging, director of the United Nations Humanitarian Operations, said after a visit to the Central African Republic (CAR) that the international community “has so far failed” to protect civilians there. It was an understatement, considering that the United Nations has in fact, unwittingly, contributed to the scale of unspeakable atrocities committed against Muslim civilians in the republic.


This is just awful. My immediate feelings are that this kind of human violence against a group of people will affect this whole globe eventually. I also feel like this is coming from big government and from the western powers. They report it as being 'Christians' but that would be an incredible contradiction in my opinion...like the Chrisitans who came over here...right!? and massacred the natives and raped and shipped the Africans to America like packed sardines in a can... They can label it Christians or whatever, but that makes me so angry though. I've read about what has been going on in CAR since last year, and I feel like this evil is still a lingering affect in Africa for ages and both of the collective terms 'Christians' and 'Muslims' is a covering for other major issues that have divided Africans for hundreds and hundreds of years. My mind goes directly to the Colonial times when both the 'Christians' and the 'Muslims' were enslaving the Africans. But i believe that this evil will end.

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