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    Black People : 39 people (aged 14 to 65) shot in the first 3-days of May in Chicago.
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    Black People : CHIRAQ: 94 people, from 4 to 69 years old, shot over the last 9 days of April 2016.

    The age range appears to be spreading out.. must be some kind of push for violence diversity..
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    Black People : only 4 shootings in Chicago on Friday the 22nd!

    There are usually around 15 shootings per day.. but for some reason there were only 4. What happened in Chicago on the 22nd? Next day though... 18 shootings.. Any Chitown people out there? What was going on in the city on the 22nd? source...
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    Black People : 22 shot in Chicago over 12 hours, including girl, 11, killed at sleepover

    Shamiya Adams was sitting on a bedroom floor in her best friend's home, making s'mores after an evening of practicing a dance routine, when the shot ripped through the house in Garfield Park. The bullet crashed through the wall of the bedroom and struck the 11-year-old in the head. She was...
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    Black People : Genocide in Chicago continues: 1,280 shootings this year so far.. already (as of May 13, 2016)

    2988 reported shooting victims in 2015.. and 488 murders.. 1059 shootings, 170 murders confirmed this year.. in only 4 and 2/3 months.. that averages out to about 6 people shot each day.. and 1 murdered.