racial profiling

  1. Clyde C Coger Jr

    Science and Technology : Is artificial intelligence making racial profiling worse?

    ... :facepalm: Is artificial intelligence making racial profiling worse? https://news.yahoo.com/artificial-intelligence-making-racial-profiling-121905936.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=1_02 New technological tools employed by the department could be aggravating the problem. In an effort to...
  2. J

    Black People Politics : Kidnap Violation International Law Hate Based State Abuse

    Part 1: ( IMPORTANT: Part 1 herein will undergo major addendum of detail over the next 48-72 hrs & Confirmed*: Part 2 will* be forthcoming over the next several days to week, with subsequent parts to come thereafter as time/energy permits) Authors; We are African Canadian targets of U.S...
  3. Destee

    Black People Politics : DACA - Welcome to America

    Peace and Blessings Family, With the DACA decision, my heart goes out. I know those families are devastated, terrified, and hoping for a miracle. Racism has not ceased for us, all the years we've been here. For others to endure a semblance of what we have ... all I can think to say is ...