1. J

    Black Entertainment : Black True Crime Podcast

    What up, fam. I started a podcast about black true crime. And my first episode is about Ronnie Long. This man is serving a life sentence for a crime he never committed. I would love to spread more awareness about his case. Check out my podcast if you get a chance...
  2. Destee

    Police : Remember, We Only Kill Black People

    https://www.nbcnews.com/news/nbcblk/cobb-county-georgia-officer-dashcam-footage-we-only-kill-black-n797721 :heart: Destee
  3. Queenie

    Law Forum : Black Police Officers--Dangerous?

    Sheriff David Clarke. Be suspicious when Fox News likes you! Scary!!
  4. ceebee

    Police : American Cops Now Steal More Property Than All US Burglars Combined

    From Activist Post: For decades now, federal government and their cohorts in law enforcement have been carrying out theft of the citizenry on a massive scale. We’re not talking about taxes, but an insidious power known as Civil Asset Forfeiture (CAF). ... In 2008, law enforcement took over $1.5...
  5. Clyde C Coger Jr

    Jails / Prisons : Chicago's Homan Square police complex under fire

    In the Spirit of Jurisprudence, Therious Chicago's Homan Square police complex under fire Chicago (CNN)Allegations of a secret detention and interrogation site run by Chicago police and abuses that may have taken place there are being aired at a county commission hearing ...