1. Da Da Brim

    Black Poetry : Th truth you reap what you show

    The truth is stop complaining and get back to work the truth is you can't handle the truth the truth is you hate the truth the truth is you are comfortable killing each other selling out each other and starving out each other the truth is you want to be where your at the truth is the truth makes...
  2. A

    The Front Porch : My hot love poem for black girls.

    My hot love poem from my heart and soul for all black girls mulattos girls All over the world Adore black girls there are my hot love passion. Please say your oppinion. I hope you will like it. Juicy, sweet, hot chocolate skin...black girls are black goddess Sexy black girls For guys and men...
  3. guttapoetfromny

    Black Poetry : Vibes

    This thing between us is.... Organic like it was written in the stars or some s**t I bet our first kiss will be some outta this world type s**t Our first lay gonna be some sweet but savage type s**t Like caress me but spank me type s**t You make me think of forever type s**t Like some horse and...
  4. guttapoetfromny

    Black Poetry : Temporary relief

    Tell me what I wanna hear Whisper good things in my ear Make me feel like you care Even if just for this moment Stare me in my eyes Communicate sweet lies Make me believe them Even if just for a little while Tell me that I'm beautiful Nothing like your usual My own kind of special Even if it's...
  5. Lrae

    Black Poetry : It's me...Floetfre

    Maybe the poetry will open doors for me, visions the blind can see are simply mysteries, where I need to be, see thru the glass clearly, friend, bro or enemy, chop down the cherry tree, it is no lie you see, much more is meant to be. I won’t waste my time thinking about complicated strategies...