1. umbrarchist

    Black History : Glenn Loury on Stuff!

    I was not sure what category to put this in: I have recently watched a number of Loury's videos and this is head and shoulders above the rest.
  2. umbrarchist

    Science and Technology : Physics & Richard Gage Email

    I have not tried contacting Richard Gage in years. It always went to his organization. He has apparently changed his policy. So I sent: Greetings Mr. Gage, We met in May of 2008 when you gave your talk at the University of Illinois Circle Campus in Chicago. I got in line after your show to...

    Black Poetry : Creation of My Own Music

    My genre of music stems from real healing to the human body using real metaphysics. I do not do any other genres out here. All literature is literature of performing arts. I done dabbled into my own creation of music since 2007 in the United Kingdom with other solo instrumentalists...i'm always...