nation of gods and earths

  1. Precise Allah

    Nation of Gods and Earths : We don't teach that Part 2- We are Muslims

    Peace, Pretty much since the beginning of our nation people have mistakenly considered us Muslims. We are not muslims, we are not a religion and people trying to claim us as a part of the Nation of Islam are incorrect. Peace
  2. Precise Allah

    Nation of Gods and Earths : Knowing the difference between an ally and an enemy.

    Peace, The God Saladin conducted an interesting interview I wanted to share. Peace
  3. Precise Allah

    Black Entertainment : The God's Honest Truth

    Peace Family, Charlamagne tha God has a new tv show. I encourage you to watch it because it's raw, funny and very necessary. Before you ask, yes he was 5% back in the day. Peace
  4. Precise Allah

    Black Entertainment : "Seven on Demand" on Roku

    Peace, There is a new channel on Roku called 7od or "Seven on Demand." It's an entertainment channel with a 5% flavor. The programming is up and coming and there is twice as much stuff on their compared to last month. Give it a look if you have Roku. Peace
  5. A

    Nation of Gods and Earths : Incarcerated son needs information

    My son is an inmate in Pontiac Penitentiary, Pontiac, Illinois. He and several other inmates want to have classes on the Nation of Gods and Earth, but the prison says they must get a letter of acknowdgement from a school, such as the Allah School in Mecca in New York. I have telephoned the...