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    Black People : The Black Child Now Live - Chadwick Boseman (Netflix Series)

    The Black Child 2020 IMDB: Okay we are so excited first of all to be sharing this with you guys. Our deadline for funds is 05/07/2020 Click link above for more information about cast that's included and already onboard with tv show. Locations shooting...
  2. T

    Black Positive People : REAL YOUNG PEOPLE REVOLUTION 2016!!! URGENT HELP

    Start of the REAL YOUNG PEOPLE REVOLUTION: Please share why wait when dreams are made while we're sleeping time to wake up friends and family The reason im attempting to contact you is because in my city alone a war has began and its not even up to the police to stop it because that's not their...
  3. Inanna

    Black Entertainment : Spike Lee's Chiraq Trailer is Finally Here

    Will you be going to the theaters to see it??? Watch “CHI-RAQ Trailer” on Vimeo: I for sure am. But not everyone is so excited about the satirical portrayal of a very real issue, among other things. Spike Lee defends at...