1. skuderjaymes

    Health and Wellness : Supplementing with Vitamin D may reduce susceptibility to COVID-19..

    Vitamin Deficiency is common among African American people... darker skin means more melanin.. means less Vitamin D absorbed from the Sun. There is a strong correlation between Vitamin D deficient populations and Covid-19 reaction severity. Black People, Obese People, Old People, Northern...
  2. MicTheory

    The Front Porch : Why Is the African (Black) Woman the Only Hope for Humanities Survival?

    How many are aware that genetically the modern human comes from Africa and all others are mixed with either Denisovan (Asian) or Neanderthal (Caucasian) early less evolved humans/These people have less melanin (Melas meaning black) In fact black skin was the reason both Greeks and Romans...
  3. MicTheory

    Black People Politics : Why I believe white extinction is real and climate change is the catalyst!

    Something unusual occurred in the mid 2000's melanin went from a valuation of 10 cents a gram to $200.00 a gram. The price skyrocketed higher still around 2012 when scientists proclaimed to the world that climate change had become irreversible unless every nation came together to stop it!Not...
  4. Chidike

    Black People : #BlackExcellence - Pics of Beautiful Black Models Goes Viral, Demand for Kente Inspired Bikinis Rise

    Nothing better than our melanated sisters......:) Beach Photos of Beautiful Black Models Go Viral, Create Demand for Kente Inspired Bikinis - Atlanta Black Star Photos featuring a set of Black models have gone viral after being shared on Twitter April 23 and 24. Model Cole Woods shared two...