Black Poetry : Outlaw: Being A Leader Ain't Easy

    From the list of abandoned schools for sale to the list of abandoned towns for sale to the list of governmental structures up for sale to the lands out from the towns and cities for sale i can settle for a high school reconstruction model doing it my way still private for-profit cause my way is...
  2. T

    Black Positive People : REAL YOUNG PEOPLE REVOLUTION 2016!!! URGENT HELP

    Start of the REAL YOUNG PEOPLE REVOLUTION: Please share why wait when dreams are made while we're sleeping time to wake up friends and family The reason im attempting to contact you is because in my city alone a war has began and its not even up to the police to stop it because that's not their...
  3. Clyde C Coger Jr

    Black People : Black Youth Filling the Leadership Void

    In the Spirit of Action, Black Youth Filling the Leadership Void Dr. William Small, Jr. Over the past several decades in America, Black youth have endured a complicated assault of abuse, criticism and relative political abandonment by Black political, spiritual and even educational...