1. Precise Allah

    Black Entertainment : The God's Honest Truth

    Peace Family, Charlamagne tha God has a new tv show. I encourage you to watch it because it's raw, funny and very necessary. Before you ask, yes he was 5% back in the day. Peace
  2. ZIbijah

    Black Spirituality Religion : B I B L E

    Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth - B.I.B.L.E The Bible is a book of instructions of a mindful science. This book has over 3,000 passages telling man how to free the soul from bondage, which you have agreed to come here before you forgot everything. The stories in the Bible are a...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: 8 Mile

    Did you know that Two Notch has road models down to create stock market indexes to be featured on their own stock market exchange tried and proven cause excel is just a spreadsheet enable with a plethora of formulas you can design algebraic to geometric graphed equations and yet seen as a...

    Black Poetry : Outlaw: Mind Your Own Business

    And as long as i mind my own business out here and there keeping my family close and knowing more of my family no one else out here matters cause unity is not an option there is no unity from top to bottom unless it is all about business and economics and you can see that for yourselves cause...