Black Poetry : Outlaw: You Wanna Be Realer?

    Learn your business and economics from a subjective and objective view i had to travel the world but wait a second though i remember when i was on that bench at my high school just days before graduation everybody was like why was i in deep thought? Little they knew i already knew i was going to...

    Black Poetry : My First Solid Investment + My Own Reconnection=?

    "My Edocherokeeian Empire...from coast to coast. Forget the trail of tears in a sadden's the trail of real blood sweat and cheers now....immah true evolutionary racist who has nothing to do with color nor a revolution...just a race to my own finish line better than my last times like my...

    Black Poetry : Real Love: Two Lineages as One Tree

    See i am a suprabusinessbeing all natural about my weight one hundred and sixty pounds a Cherokee colored in sun add the bill capitalized the bee made of cotton dyed midnight Edo coloured in blood after the liquid hits oxygen to the brain along with the brand and patent pending called Real Love...
  4. asimplepoet

    Black Poetry : Tug-a-war of Faith & Intellect

    Dying to finally erupt from my mental But the aftermath may be detrimental For the world is purposely judgmental Yet I can't keep this truth compartmental As this knowledge transforms transcendentally Purposely sought after never gained accidentally However today my pen seems to be...
  5. kidkhuti33

    Black Poetry : Hungry Heart

    Yes its true within my mind I think of you So many things you bring when you come to me Your lips bring the winds of truth Your eyes capture me and potray the most beautiful scene In your heart you carry honor, courage and victory In your stride you embodies strength In your touch I feel a...