1. J

    Black Spirituality Religion : To all practitioners of Ifa Orisha, Vodun, Akan, or any other Traditional African Religion

    I have a few questions that no one can ever seem to answer regarding the spirits (Orishas, Voduns, the Abosom, Ancestors, etc.) One common theme that comes up when people mention the spirits is “Protection.” Protection from evil, protection from negative energy, protection from enemies etc. So...
  2. Omoifa007

    African Traditional Religion : Earthquake lights, Geological Faultlines, Consciousness, Igbodu and Obatala

    Alaafia fun gbogbo yin o! (Peace unto you all). I've spent some months researching the relationship between UFO phenomena, Earthquake lights, Faultlines, Leylines, Electromagnetics, Counsciousness and their relationship to Igbodu and Obatala. @Awodino 's article "Odu and the Ifa Concept of...
  3. I

    Support : Where to start in IFA

    Does Anyone have suggestions where to start actively in IFA? I have been studying IFA and the Orishas for 2 years now. I would like suggestions where to start actively in the tradition.
  4. Örê

    African Traditional Religion : Offerings to Ogun

    Örë and Hetepu! Mathematical balance! Does anyone know the proper rite(s) to make offerings to the Ogun?