1. Marquis Davis

    Health and Wellness : The Frequency of Essential Oils

    By Marquis Davis Everything have a vibration and frequency. The measurable rate of electrical energy flow between two points is called a frequency. Every disease has it own frequency, and to destroy a disease you will have to use a substance with a higher frequency than the actual disease. The...
  2. umbrarchist

    Health and Wellness : Myopia Epidemic

    Are our eyes getting worse? - The myopia boom
  3. Louise Cosper

    Health and Wellness : AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE OPTIONS - Please share

    I appreciate Obama's concern in regard to making Healthcare Affordable, but, "Let's be honest." There are some real flaws. For many of us, the Affordable Healthcare Act has been anything but Affordable! When it was first rolled out, our family of four signed up. With the government subsidy...
  4. B

    Black Money Business Jobs : -Therapeutic non-sexual Cuddling

    Professional cuddling is very new and it is evolving. Be Cuddled or become a Cuddler. Will this do well in the Black Community?
  5. C

    Honoring Black Ancestors : Why is Dr. Sebi under attack so much recently?

    I've always liked the lifestyle Dr. Sebi taught and I definitely base my diet on his teachings. I feel better and healthier than I did before I found out about his diet. I've used his supplements in the past and enjoyed their effects. I bought some bio ferro capsules a few weeks ago and they...
  6. B

    Health and Wellness : Facebook Live with Richard A. Norden, MD of Norden Laser

    Facebook Live with Richard A. Norden, MD of Norden Laser Thursday, September 22 at 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM in EDT Richard A. Norden, M.D., of Norden Laser will be live to discuss laser vision correction. He'll focus on debunking popular myths about...
  7. Queenie

    Health and Wellness : Black Women Endure Menopause Longest

    "Sarah Finney, 57, said she gets hot flashes throughout her body at least once an hour. She even wakes up in the night with so much perspiration that she looks like she just left working out at a gym, she said. “Hot flashes are very annoying,” said Finney, a married mother of two who declined...
  8. Queenie

    Health and Wellness : Put the fork down and read...

    The mass marketed definition of beauty and healthy in America is to be white (preferably blonde, blue-eyed) and thin. The purpose of this thread is focusing on size, particularly what's considered obese. "Fat" people in general are discriminated against in America. The more lumps and rolls...
  9. Lrae

    Food Discussion : Ntre.Re-Alkhemical Health

    Utilizing the four elemental essences to build and maintain good health. The principles of balancing the elements are relatively simple and straightforward. The art of alkhemy comes in recognizing the hidden signatures of things, situations, and people and applying that knowledge in a totally...
  10. ceebee

    Health and Wellness : %65 Fruit/some veges rest regular food

    Seems to be sometimes when I don't particularly want lots of food, or heavy food, but I've been feeling overwhelmingly creative recently and have only wanted fruit, sometimes meat but not a lot of food in general... anyhow, I feel fairly well when I do eat like this, however when I'm not feeling...