1. The Hater Bandwagon | mAd GeNiUs

    The Hater Bandwagon | mAd GeNiUs

    Also Known As: Brotha Amun aka Amun Tehuti-shil Yashua BLOG: https://rawthenticmedia.blogspot.com/ RADIO: https://www.talkshoe.com/show/rawthentic-media-radio
  2. Mario William vitale

    Black Poetry : Dark Imprisoned Minds Of Hate

    today we are living in a world of hate its a text, tweet & snap chat society burning holes through there cell phone no one gathers together & break bread what is going on inside their head its the blind leading the blind soon to fall into a ditch everyone appears to have a nervous twitch...
  3. Queenie

    Black People : Let's be real about the hate - bigotry - racism

    Sister Destee sent a beautiful message a few days ago about staying encouraged, despite the challenges we face. I don't disagree and love her for her wisdom and insight and deep compassion for her people. At the same time, let's be real clear about the kind of people that are out there who...
  4. skuderjaymes

    Black People : many black people love one another

    i have posted at destee for many years. And I've noticed that very very very many black people love one another... Despite what you heard.. differing opinions does not equal "hate".. it equals different perspectives, motivations and intentions.. that's it, that's all. Quiet as it's kept...